Chapter 1 Amaranthine

Thoughts of a Restless Mind

How can I wait unknowing?

This is the price of war

We rise with noble intentions

And we risk all that’ pure

We’re only as great as hearts will allow

What await us!!

Could it get any worse?

Fighting has lost its worth

Tainted by treachery and hatred

When war defiles everything’s sacred

Then war collected its toll

Yet I didn’t find out my goal

To find peace in all things

Not all the rubble and dead springs

When I woke up I thought I was in hell and doomed

Only I saw an angel of mercy, who healed my wounds

What’s your name my angel, I said

She answered me with a frown instead

I caught a glimpse on her name tag

Your name is Leila. Yes, she said in her swag

So you came here bringing death and destruction

She said with a sad face

Trust me my…

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