Sad Song – Where Love And Wounds Remain Forever Fresh

Sad Love - Woman With Heartbreak

This poem is in response to Sad Song by AhmadKhalifa


How do I let you know
How do I make you understand
This choice isn’t easy on me either
I am only taking my chance
If it were only possible for me
If it was right in my hand
I would come flying to you
To be exactly where you stand
You say we are getting older
We are hanging by the strand
But I am far too weak to walk
The road to our own dreamland
From where I am standing right now
Is on an already sinking island
I know we thought of love
And this is not what we planned
But things happened, realities changed
And so did our love, our romance

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9 thoughts on “Sad Song – Where Love And Wounds Remain Forever Fresh

  1. tht;s amaaaaaaazing we should do more of that kind of poems aisha 🙂

  2. The guy linked to Wikipedia via *some of the most* competitive KWs. BTW his poem was not bad.

    • May be he is getting paid through it :P. And you should comment on his page too.

      And Btw, his poem was not bad and what about mine??? Y u no say anything abt my poem **le me style**

      P.S : No matter how many times you comment, I always find your comments in spam… Akismat must really hate ya

    • thanks 😀

  3. Very lovely poem and the accompanying image is soooooooooooooooo beautiful. Well done Aisha!!!

    • Thank you so much Somy. I am glad you liked it. It always makes me happy when people appreciate my work 🙂 Thanx again.

  4. Rhyme scheme beautifully accompanied with words very well eastablished poem n theme My Craze-Wise Lil-Lady 😉

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