Dear Hotmail, Congratulations. You Now Suck Officially :)

What Did You Do

Dear Hotmail,

Or should I even be calling you hotmail, Mr. Outlook.

Outlook? What am I looking out at? If you mean the disgusting new look to your site, then your name has perfectly done what it was meant to do. But that’s not even what I want to talk about. What I really want to ask you is, WHAT THE EF IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I think you got tired of looking ugly so you decided to get a cheap botox and ended up looking OOGLIER.

Hotmail's Botox Journey

This is what I don’t understand. Why do people want to change things that don’t need to be changed? It’s a progress if you add a delete button right on top if there already was no such button. But what is the use of changing the delete button text to a cross. It is going to make things more confusing.

It’s good to change, but change for the better for God sake.

Ooooo, you don’t know what I am talking about? Here are 7 good reasons why I HATE YOU :

1. What's with the effing EYE HURTING colors?

Hotmail's Ugly Colors

2. The extra large everything. 

I bet you were created  by a man. Fonts, menu, headings, everything is extra large which leaves an EVERYTHING-INTO-YOUR-FACE kind of feeling. Being on outlook is like ALICE IN WONDERLAND or GULLIVER’S TRAVEL where everything is bigger than you.

3. No personalization whatsoever other than the stupid eye twitching colors.

You can’t change the fonts, you can’t change font size, you don’t have the choice to have a decent theme or a decent color. You just basically have to use what they have given whether you like it or not.

4. Forced the new look on us.


You did not even bother to leave the choice onto us. You single handedly decided to change everyone’s once-okay-looking hotmail into an ugly looking outlook without giving an option to switch back to old look because who the hell wouldn’t want to use a crappy, ugly and stupid layout.

5. You can't effing open your inbox, or junk in a new window. 

Oh you really did me on this one. YES I LIKE TO OPEN MY INBOX IN A NEW WINDOW. I have my own reasons. It was how I liked it to be. It was my convenience, not anymore I guess.


hotmail-ugly-emoticonsConfused Hotmail Emoticon

Not just the quality of the emoticon, The new outlook successfully has sets of crappy looking emoticon that do not even serve the purpose.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and I used the confused emoticon. Well both of us had to look carefully to what that emoticon really was. I guess the confused emoticon was confused in itself because it looked as if it were smiling :S :S :S.

Anyway, I loved using the old confused emotion. It was my trademark and I used it a lot. Thanx to hotmail, now my favorite emotion is HISTORY. But I will always remember it in my heart and in my memory.

7. The new outlook layout is confusing, not at all user friendly and MESSY.

Lets just go to composing a new email shall we?

Hotmail Compose Box

So Mr. Outlook, finally I would like to congratulate you for successfully DEFORMING what once was a decent place. I am really so much inspired by your courage of taking ugliness and crappiness to a whole new level and giving the word “horrible” a whole new meaning.

You are now an adjective to me that I shall use in future for anything and anyone who is ugly, crappy, messy, disgusting and did I say UGLY, CRAPPY, MESSY AND DISGUSTING. 

So next time I see someone look ugly, I will just say, “OH YOU OUTLOOK YOURSELF”… or I might say “OH THATS AN OUTLOOK” and then I will know that the word OUTLOOK has served it’s purpose.

One Angry Hotmail User. 


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14 thoughts on “Dear Hotmail, Congratulations. You Now Suck Officially :)

  1. i hate hotmails outlooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook it changed my cool inner look into an angery outlook. Thanx for writing on it n Ash plz send it to hotmail officials plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. LOL! I am one of their beta tester and I love their new look. I was using it since it’s early days. Most of the uglier things (as you said) are not “available” to our Outlook 😉

  3. Butcherooni

    I’m sorry to hear about that. I would suggest Gmail as an alternative, hasn’t really changed much in look (which is also customizable), but mostly in functionality and improved user interface (including the Gmail App). Hotmail got screwy after Windows 8 (the “metro” interface) and merging it with Skype so 😛 I am a happy Gmail user lol

    • Oh thankfully 95% of my existence happens on Gmail. Much more sophisticated, userfriendly, easy and with loads of personalization. I actually spend more than half my time living on gmail. Hotmail was for unoffical work coz I use Gmail for all important stuffs and hotmail is full of crappy emails lol

  4. uzma

    just agreed…!!!!! i wish that may hotmail developers read this blog so that they can realize what the EF they had done:(

    • Well one of them (not developers… but claims to be a part) is right over here on this page in the comments. Hopefully he will pass the msg on otherwise, we are Karachites… 🙂

  5. they keep on changing everything everywhere even when it was perfectly fine, don’t they… (facebook has always been doing so too and look how they’ve grown in popularity lately… ehm… not)

    my first reaction was: where do I sign up for a different e-mail account 🙂 but now I didn’t

  6. michelle

    Yeah right on, innovation for innovation’s sake is a losing proposition. When you have something that has weathered the test of time and you suddenly replace it with something as crappy and childish as you are saying to your customers, we don’t care about you any longer. You can’t go back to the old interface (like yahoo offered) and the new interface is slow, hogs my CPU and browser and jumps all over the place making it a confusing mess. Oh ye, that transition effect when you send an email is cool, but I don’t need or want it. Even when they fix the bugs I won’t be staying around long enough to use it, email is email and should be quick, simple and effective – is none of those. Microsoft loses the plot yet again, first with developer platforms, Metro, runtime environment, dropping .Net and now with it’s core email users. Dunno what to think, but I’m going to google, after dropping Yahoo recently and now Hotmail. Bye bye microsoft. You are a dinosaur in a modern age and I won’t be inconvenienced by you.

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  8. Sylvain

    You don’t even talk about the fact that they can’t make a decent app that actually notifies you from new emails! I’ve lost a few clients who thought I didn’t give a sh*t!
    Or about the “sliding attachment” feature (which was literally the only good thing in Hotmail) that they deleted I give up! Gmail is 10 000 times superior to you “Outlook”!

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