Technology, Inventions, Innovations And Improvements…But At What Cost?

Water Scarcity, Water Crisis

You know how they say that a bathroom is a thinking room. So true 🙂

Anyway no, this is not that blog you might be thinking about. This blog has a purpose, or so I will try to make.

Remember those times when there were no showers. Let’s go back to those times and go over the bathing routine (no dirty ideas :P). A bucket full of water and a bath mug. 2 bath mugs on the body for soaking, then goes the soap n shampooing (if they were invented then :S :S :S) while the water is still safely preserved in the bucket and then the final rinses with rest of the water.

Amount of water used : 5 Gallons 

Let’s now welcome the invention of showers and go over the bathing routine. 

Shower on, warm frizzy water pouring down the shower. After 10 minutes of enjoying the running water comes the shampooing and soaping. At this point, 80% of us keep the shower running (guilty me 😦 ) until they use it again.

Since the water is so pleasantly warm and cozy, some of us just stand under the shower and enjoy it. If we are stressed, we think standing under the shower for half hour will magically put our problems away so we have longer baths when stressed or under difficult situations.

Amount of water used : 2.5 gallons per minute in a shower ( if you have the latest showers installed otherwise 5 gallons per minute in a shower that can go as much as a 7 or 10 gallon per minute). And we are talking about at least a 15 to 20 minutes shower.

You do the math.

A small task of washing hands that can be done through one bath mug of water now wastes about 2 gallons of water.

This is just one little example of how technology, inventions, innovations and improvements has led us to the wastage of natural resources that were being efficiently used through old-fashioned living.

Sure, technology, inventions and improvements has made our life easy, much easier I must say, but at what cost? 

Just because God has given us the luxuries to afford an advanced life, we have somehow assumed that it’s okay for us to exploit them in the most inhuman and most careless manner while there are people who may be dying for a little of it.

Each time you waste water or throw away food just because you don’t feel like eating, ir keep the lights on even though you don’t need it, remember somewhere, someone’s life must be at stake for a drop of water or a grain of food or a few minutes of electricity.

So today, I pledge, InshaAllah to cut down my showers and try as much as possible to save water, food, electricity and all the resources as much as I can. These technology, inventions, innovations and improvements may give me ease of my life but definitely not at the cost of someone else’s life.

What about you? You with me?

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2 thoughts on “Technology, Inventions, Innovations And Improvements…But At What Cost?

  1. Butcherooni

    Nice post and you’re absolutely right 🙂

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