What’s In Aisha’s Treasure Chest – Finally Revealed :)

Little Girl Opening Treasure Chest
So many memories I have of my childhood. There are so many things that I remember about my school and school life because I captured every moment that was special to me. How you may ask, have I done that?

No really you gotta ask 😛 😛 😛

I have had this little habit since childhood of keeping things saved and preserved that had an association with the time I spend. Like if my parents gave me a gift, I would keep the gift wrapper. If a bottle of water made me slip on floor and that made everyone around me laugh, I would keep the bottle cap and so on.

In this way, every object became important in terms of time it connected with. ( wait till you read about chocolate wrappers ahead 🙂 )

Today while I still had a few hours before my flight, I opened up my treasure box and it brought back so many memories. This also gave me the idea of sharing it with you guys…. I hope you enjoy 🙂 

Aisha's Treasure Chest Finally Revealed

Here is what I have in my treasure chest.

Let’s begin with the most weirdest item. The Chocolate wrappers 🙂 

Why do I have chocolate wrappers in my treasure box? When I was in grade 5, every morning when I used to come to my class, I would find chocolates in my desk. Not one or two. They would be as many as 4 to 5 bars of different chocolates. Being a chocolate lover, I would of course eat them all up but I kept a few wrappers.

I never found out who kept those chocolates and I never thought of finding out either.

C’mon, GRADE 5…. I was just a little girl… And there are incidents that happened to me since I was in grade 5 that now when I think of it, I feel that somehow, people around me were maturing faster than their age or I was being slow. **Pathetic**

Anyway, I have about 25 birthday cards from friends. Some of them are hand made with nice cats, dogs, tweety, glitter and more stickers, some are card types and some are ready made.

I have around 30 to 35 letters. Some of them are from my cousins back home while the rest are all love letters or notes proposing or asking for answers to their feelings that I started getting since I was in grade 5. I don’t remember having answered back any of them. I thought it was pointless.

If I sat to read down all those love letters since grade 5, it would take me hours. Not because of the number. It would actually take me 2 hours just to correct all the spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

Let me share one of the letters that made me laugh. I got this, I think in grade 6.

I don’t know that wheather you love me or not. But I will not live you. This is my challenge. Please love me. Give your answer in this number 67xxxxx. I will wate or give me your answer now. Write the answer and send in your rought book.

What happen in brake. I am sorry .


Give the answer

OMG seriously. This guy doesn’t know how to spell a word correct and he knows so much about being in love. That’s gross and it felt gross even at that time. Here is another one that seriously made me laugh out loud.

Aysha I love you & tomorrow is your birthday. I now you don’t celebrate your birthday so please tell me what gift I will give you Please if you are my friend So you have to tell me. I dont know that’s why?

Okay this next note is on one of my classmate’s English assignment on which he got a 5 out of a 10. Lol. I remember I had a huge crush on his friend but I never had the courage of telling him because he was out of my league, and this guy knew how I felt for his friend.

So this is what he wrote behind his assignment paper while the class was going on :

Just get over him. May be it’ll make thing better. Its betta tellin the truth than giving false hopes na. So just take a chill alright.

I also have a poem named “SECRET CRUSH” which I wrote for this guy I had crush on. Here are the last lines of the poem :

& when he is with the other girl,
I show that it doesn’t bother me.
Then I look at her & hate that girl,
For being where I wanna be.

I have 2 pens in my treasure box. These are the pens that I gave my crush guy to write with when he asked me for one. I never threw them away even after I ran out of ink. I safely kept them. ***Gosh I was such a girly girl once.***

There is one manually written song list by the  DJ from a party I went to. Why do I have a DJ’s song list with me? Well he sorta wrote his email ID on it and gave it to me….That’s why 🙂 What did you think? I stole it away while they were busy playing the song 😦 😦 😦

There are a few bracelets that I got friends or some are even just mine. They are here because they have a story behind them. There is a ballerina sculpture and also two teddy bears hugging sculptures that I got from my admirers.

I have old coin collection. So far I have coins from Germany, Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, US, UK, KSA and some more but they are too old that I can barely read the embedded text.

So that’s what I have in my Treasure Chest….. I chest full of memories 🙂

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12 thoughts on “What’s In Aisha’s Treasure Chest – Finally Revealed :)

  1. Butcherooni

    This is very sweet! I share something similar, my mom also keeps the gift wrappers… to wrap other gifts 😛 I have an old Pluto diary full of treasures! Which worked more like a journal, I wrote things about I never felt before or anything new that happened to me (Experiences, places I went, vacations). It also has letters and package wrappings, and flowers that I squished between the pages (old and dead by now, still haven’t lost their scent!) to remind me of a certain thing. It’s nice to be able to look back to these things 🙂

    • Lol… Every mother keeps gift wrappers to wrap other gift… It’s called the-universal-right-of-motherhood and they are taught this as soon as they turn into what we politely call them as “Mothers”…..

      That was sweet… I bet those flowers came from special people… AUNTYYYYYYYYYYYY iski books check karein…ye abroad ja k aur bigar jana hai…

      • Butcherooni

        Truuee! I do the same now….. to save money!! I’m so cheap XD I once used the same gift wrapper a friend got me for her birthday lol (she did not notice… until I told her afterwards)

        Loll pagal 😛

  2. uzma

    OMG ASh…such a secret box..u never told me…u know i have read the blog with open mouth because im astonished, amazed, wondered every thing like that…i have realised what REVEALED means..
    by the way letters are realLy a LOL..:-D and i just LOVE THIS BLOG 🙂

    • It was a secret, how cud I have told u until it was finally revealed…. Haha…

      So many greetings cards..Some of them still play the lights n music when I open them… 🙂

  3. hmm again a girly girl is revealed from inside that mature Craze-wise lil-lady….. uzmi secrets should be kept secret untill they will become no more harmful for feelings. so now ash don’t care about those silly crushes she had that’s why revealing them infront of all. n what about that guy who won u the lottery:-)

  4. baby is very cute:-)

  5. Nathalie Dumas

    Hello Aisha’s, I do not know if it is your personal photo of the girl with the chest “What’s In Aisha’s Treasure Chest – Finally Revealed”, I guess so. I want to open a toy store in a trade and I find your picture super wonderful and I would love to take my business card from my store and my facebook, if possible of course and I ask the permission to take it to my business card if you wish. I await your answer, thank you

    • It’s not my personal photo so you may have to take permission from the actual owner.

      • Rebecca C

        Could you please be so kind as to provide the information as to who the original owner of this photo is? I, too, would like to use it in a presentation and need permission in order to do so. Thank you so much!

        • Hi Rebecca, I am sorry, I did try a few contacts to find out the original owner of the image, but the image seems to be unknown. As far as I am concerned, you can use the image.

          Take care

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