Story Of My Life # 1 – Home Alone

Pokemon Facepalm

“Mom Dad, I am not feeling so good. I think I will stay at home. You guys go to the party and tell Aunt Jojo that I apologized for not coming.”

*Fake cough*

*Parents leave home* 

*Screams “YAHOOOOO”…. does some gangnam style dance moves mixed with jungle dance.*

*Catches breath*

*Calls boyfriend excitedly…. He had to go to office to fix an major server breakdown… He will be in the office all night.*

*Calls best friend a little less excitedly… She is at the hospital… Her granny fell down stairs…Sorry granny.*

*Calls another friend in anger… She is gone shopping for her wedding… HUH.*

*Goes online…
No friends online…

Internet too slow for the movie to play…
Restarts modem…
Internet stops working…
Removes and plugs in modem…
Troubleshoots the error…
Still no luck…*

*Goes to watch a dir *ahem ahem* ty movie.
No good movies airing.*

*Goes to the kitchen, takes Pepsi, Chips, some chocolates and ends up watching SOUND OF MUSIC on TV. Eats dinner earlier than usual because there is nothing else to do.*


Angry Red Emoticon

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10 thoughts on “Story Of My Life # 1 – Home Alone

  1. oh my craze-wise lil lady:-)

  2. This is the very reason I’ve GBs of games/movies/videos on my lappy 😉

  3. uzma

    exactly!!!! and if nothing happens then there will be electricity breakdown in ur building or area ..( for pakistanis)

    • That’s why people use UPS and/or generator.

      • People should know nothing is STABLE. your UPs and Generator may stubbornly refuse to work on that specific day.

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Movies, songs, videos and games are on my mobile too. If it’s not charged and I’ve nothing to do then I’ll go to my neighbor and take his daughter with me to a long drive.

          • Your neighbour’s daughter is already gone with a much younger guy than your age. You should probably just sit back and make a list of “Why my wife hates me.”

            • Muhammed Ovais Alam

              This is where our “forever free” friends came handy. We can go and do random things like eating burgers (desi) with tea, eating strange (desi) food etc

  4. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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