The Real Face Of The Muslims

The Real Face Of Muslims

The oppressed and illiterate women who bows down at every wish of the men and are forced to wear hijaab ( head scarf) or Nakaab ( Cloak that covers the face as well).  The conservative men who brutally curse and beat the hell out of the women at very little incident. The girls who are never let to study and are forced into marriage at a very young age to a much older man.

That’s the face of the muslims.

Today, I bring forward the REAL face of the Muslims….

I am a muslim girl born in a muslim family of 2 girls ( well one girl that would be my sister and one tomboy, that’s me, to be specific lol), one brother and parents married for more than 25 years now.

The Muslim Man :

My dad is a graduate in Science and works in the University.

In 25+ years of married life with mom, dad has never raised his voice on her let alone raise his hands. They have had many arguments and difference of perspective but dad has never cursed.

I have never heard him say “No” to any of our demands, as long as it was in the reach of his pocket. In fact, he finds it very pleasing when my mom raises a demand because it’s so rare. He has given her everything that she wanted, without having her to ask for it.

He has never ever forced us into doing anything. As the head of the family, he has always discussed issues with us, taken our opinion and made decisions acceptable by all.

The Muslim Woman :

My mom is a graduate in arts and a housewife by choice, her own.

She cooks, she cleans, she does laundry….. Like every housewife does, but she enjoys surfing the internet, looking at recipies and Googling things. Yeah she loves Google. Dad should be jealous. Lol

Although she is a graduate in arts, her knowledge of things expands so wide that she is almost a doctor, a homeopath, a herbalist, a home-remedy guru. Everyone that knows her, comes to her for relationship advices. You got a problem and she got the solution.

The Muslim Girl :

My parents never forced me into wearing a Hijaab. I did not wear it until I was may be 20 and it was my own choice, but you can still see me in my long locks (Ooops sorry Allah).

I wear jeans more than I wear my traditional dress. Jeans is not a sin in muslims.

I was let to study whatever I wished to study. I studied in a Co-ed, attended every damn college party, took part in cultural programs, did stage dramas, was the vice captain in my college and  had my picture in Newspapers for scoring highest in Business Studies ( self praiser, Yay Meee :)) . I was free to work if I wanted to which is why I own an online Fashion Magazine.

Marriage proposals were never thrown on my face. If my parents thought any proposal was appropriate, they discussed, asked for our decision and then made the decision based on ours.

So what’s the real face of the Muslim?

Behind the beard and behind the hijab/nakaab, we Muslims are just like you. We are sophisticated, we are mannered, we are educated, we are cultured, we respect others and we deserve respect. We greet people when we see them irrespective of their religion and smile to them in hostility.

The real face of a Muslim, Is not scary, once you get to know the real us. 

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8 thoughts on “The Real Face Of The Muslims

  1. This is a great post – spoken from first hand knowledge – we need more people to show the True face of Islam.

    We should NOT let hate mongerers and dried up old men to dictate what a Muslim is or should be.

    • Thank you for your comment. It just is painful when the mistake of one individual person is shoved on the entire community or religion.

  2. Very honest post. I think it would be nice to start a project where this post’s structure is used as a template, and then have everyone submit their own personal perspectives of their own families. It would make an interesting archive.

    • That sounds like a really good idea…. Thank you for your comment and appreciation


  3. Your family sounds almost exactly like our family! And like millions of others. Muslims are just like non muslims, in more ways than not. Thanks for sharing this…
    I agree with the template idea lol, would definitely fill it in!

  4. uzma

    brave enough post….thats all i wanted to say

  5. I am not a muslim woman, but my boyfriend of 6 years is a muslim man. So many people (my kind) in the beginning tried to deter me from him because he was going to be “controlling” and make me “walk 10 steps behind him” anywhere we went, and that he wouldn’t “respect” me. And that couldnt be furthest from the truth. I find that Emad and all his muslim friends/ family have been so much more than what I was led to believe. I wish people on this earth could learn that when it comes to people, we all have a heart and feelings. A lot of people hear the word Muslim and automatically fear/hate them because they have been misinformed. Every religious denomination can have a few bad apples, (just look at Jim Jones or David Koresh) just because one is rotten, doesn’t mean the whole barrel is…… Thank you for your blogs- I just found them and they are very insightful!!!!

  6. Bravo!!!!! My Craze-Wise Lil-lady always come up with a good and unique one. the perception should be changed now if the developed countries called themselves the broad minded ones then they sould believe the reality of muslims along with there identity broad mindedly not by destorting and manipulating thier image in the outside world.

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