I Feel Like A Bride Walking Down The Aisle

Sshh - Messy Man Sleeping On Couch

I feel like a bride walking down the aisle
Look away people look away
You make me nervous enough
To stumble upon my way

I was happily running on the road
Carefree in my black converse
Now it feels like walking in a 4″ heel
And every steps needs a rehearse

For long I have stood with people
In groups between a million name
Now I am the only one
Standing in the photo frame

I was that camouflaged spot on the wall
That couldn’t do any attractive tricks
Now I am a huge splash of red paint
Upon a wall of white bricks

– Aisha

I have never loved getting attention or being the center of everyone’s conversation. I have never bother to take small bites while I eat. I am that girl who doesn’t iron her clothes no matter how crinkled they are. Untidy, lazy, slobby, ungirly…. Name it….

To be one single person whom everyone looks at as a sober, well mannered and systematic, I can’t handle that. I go to parties and walk behind my mom until I can find that single spot where no one can find me. I have stayed camouflaged all my life, that was my comfort zone, because behind this wall was my messy room.

Recent events in my life have totally tipsy turvy-ed my life. The walls that camouflaged me have metled away suddenly and now I feel like a person standing on the stage….

Two words…


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One thought on “I Feel Like A Bride Walking Down The Aisle

  1. Thanks for these nice pictures. I am happy to find these amazing pictures here. I am interested to use these on my blog. Manu Jamwal

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