My Dear Grand Children (Feb 05, 2075)

Grandmother's Treasure Box

My Dear @PunkRocker Ruby & @DareDevil Sam.

Howdy grand kids? You must think your old grammy is so out of touch with the technology that she wrote a letter to you on a paper using pen. You may be laughing as well.

I am sorry kids, I do not know how to use one of those that you have. It looks like a photo frame. I wonder why you keep poking it with your finger. I hope you don’t break the glass. Your parents will be angry with you for that.

Your world is too confusing for me, You know in my times, the tablets were the ones that we called for medicine, but now it’s some gadget.

Your world is so different than mine and you may think that my times were old and boring but I must say that those were some really good days when people had time to physically socialise with each other. Today your socializing is over the net. We had physical books and we played physical games out in the nature.

I feel sad that words like “thank you”, “sorry” and “please” are not a part of your language anymore. I sit on my couch watching you talk to your friends with words such as “dumb ass”, “ass hole”, “bitch”,  “screw you” and other words that I do not want to say.

There was a time when these words were considered obscene and very bad that we dare not say it even to our friends. But now, these words have become so common, that no one barely even thinks how bad they mean.

70% of your statements are filled with abbreviations. When you talk to me, I lose track of what you are saying as I try to figure out the abbreviations. How did you even learn those many abbreviations. Were you taught in school? Do you have a dictionary of it these days?

Yesterday was the strangest day for me. I thought @DareDevil Sam was having a huge party with his friend @Regina. When I asked him why he was sitting on the couch instead of going to the party, he said, “Grammy, DITY I am having a party, as in Online Party. It’s called social cluster meet. FYI you should try it too. GTG. Raising toasts.”

In my days, we actually used to go out to a specific place where we would all gather for a party. I guess not anymore.

Oh did I tell you, a few days back I was talking to this young lady I met in the park, or so I think I was doing because 10 minutes later I realized she was actually talking to herself. She must be having some mental disorder or something. She even had something white in her ear and it was attached to a rectangle device. Must be her medical aid. Poor girl. I hope she gets well soon.

Kids, please don’t post this to FB or twitter or beep or meow or all those funny sites and names you talk about.

Okay that’s it then. I will write to you soon. If you find time, you can always come upstairs and visit me.

I love you both a lot.

Your rusty old grammy

(Feb 05, 2075)

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One thought on “My Dear Grand Children (Feb 05, 2075)

  1. beautiful Ash really like the idea:-) different from the past ones

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