40 Days Without Chocolate


It’s been 40 days without chocolate
And it feels like an eternity
I have forgotten what it tastes like
I have forgotten its delicacy
And most of all I have forgotten
What it was like when it was with me

Oh I look back to the times
When I ate chocolate to my heart
Black forest cake, mousse, ice cream
Dark chocolate fudge and the tart
I knew I would cherish its flavor
Till death do us apart

But now I feel terribly miserable
I am so lonely and certainly lost
I dream of dark black chocolate
Glazed with berries and the frost
I hope all my sacrifices & my wait
Will finally be worth the cost

Ummm so its been 40 days without chocolate. Why? Well I am a person who loves desert. Sweet tooth? Nah…Call me sweet dentures. When it comes to desserts, I like to enjoy what I eat. I like to feel the flavors bursting in my mouth instead of just chewing and swallowing.

I like to taste every little particle of the dessert and want every little detail.

Yes I am obsessed.

With my mouth wired, molar build ups, spring, power chain and rubber band, eating has become a rocket science. Liquid diet is comfortable to get along with or partial liquid diet. My eating habits these days are taking a spoonfull and flushing it down the throat.

Which is the reason why I haven’t had chocolate for the past 40 days. WOAH I SURVIVED… I have promised myself I won’t taste chocolate until my molar build ups and the rubber bands are out of my mouth.

So that’s pretty much my story of 40 days without chocolate and more to go.

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3 thoughts on “40 Days Without Chocolate

  1. Tch tch tch
    Poor kid

  2. soon you’ll be eating a box full of Chocolates infront of me n sharing the few with me too:-)

  3. uzma

    u know its just totally out of my expectation..coz i never expect that a poem will appear for this topic.

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