How I Spent My Birthday…

Yesterday did not just mark another year in my life but yesterday also marked an entire one month in Pain, Pain & Constant Pain and being on bed or just lying around in the house like a vegetable.

I got 5 tooth extracted on the 26th of December and since then Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS… For one month I have been awake all night and sleeping all day and acting weird and loosing weight.

Lets go back to 12 A.M yesterday, an exact 26th of January when the phone rang. okay I think you should go back 10 minutes earlier to 12 A.M because thats when the phone had rung. This call was important and no matter how much my braces bruised and rubbed against the sores and cuts in my mouth, this call was worth all the pain.

Why 10 minutes earlier? 

Ask him :S :S :S

After getting wishes from a lot many people over texts, emails, chats, whatsapp and viber, I finally went down to sleep at 3 am and got up EARLIER for the first time in a month at about 1 PM.

After spending one month away from work which includes job as well as house chores, I felt a little better and energized. I guess I got too sick of being too sick and then of course IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY.

So how did I spend my birthday?

I spend the entire day with huge party, got cakes, gifts and friends over my house…. HAHA KIDDING

So how did I really spend my Birthday?

After having my morning tea, I did laundry. There were heaps of it to do and I was determined on doing them all. Then I changed bed sheets all over the house. Changed pillow cases and boy there are so many pillows in our house. Brushed all the carpets. Cleaned my office table and did the dusting. It was now 6 PM and after being exhausted with the work I went for a bath.

Soon as I was out of my luxury bath and got changed, I was informed someone was coming home. Yes “the him” was coming so I went into the kitchen to make Chinese. The rest of the story continues with serving food, doing the dishes, making tea, doing the dishes again and finally cleaning the entire kitchen once again.

This is how I spent my birthday.

Here I am writing this blog with tired hands and exhausted body knowing that even though I want to sleep there is still brushing, orhto rubber band changing, washing face, applying night creams, getting into my sleeping pajama etc stuff to do before I can land into my bed.


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7 thoughts on “How I Spent My Birthday…

  1. a belated birthday wish I send your way
    wishing you all the best for every single day

  2. uzma

    okay so had an awesome bday…thats kool:D

  3. Happy Birthday Aisha

  4. 🙂 the romantic laundry 🙂 Aisha 🙂 you are too cute 🙂

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