The Big Bad But In My Face

Boy With A Butt Face

All my life I have lived with a “but”. Yes that butt as well, thanks for pointing out but I really am talking about the but with a single “t” right now. You never know you might get a blog on a but with double “t” in future…. Who knows.


I am sure you have all felt the same way at some point of your life and if you are as lucky *sarcasm* as me, then you must have felt like carrying a but with you all the time and no matter where you go, what you do and how much you pray, this but is always going to be with you like a real BUTT. 

My life revolves around this but and trust me, this but is as bad as it can be. Again this “as” is with a single “s”.

Almost every statement I ever get from anyone has a but in it.

” Oh yes honey, straight bangs would look really cute on you BUT your face would look much petite with it.”
—————- My Hairstylist —————-

“Yes we do have your size BUT we don’t have it in your required color.”
—————- Salesman —————-

” I am sorry ma’am, BUT we are out of stock on Dark Chocolate Fudge today.”
—————- Waiter —————-

“I made roast chicken BUT you are on a liquid diet.”
—————- THE MOM —————-

Yes this is pretty much just a quick short trailer of how every statement comes with a but. It’s like God has offered everyone in this world, a huge bonus for every time they say BUT to me. And boy, these people are saying BUT as if their life depended on it because evidently they have no other good deed to earn bonus upon.

What has recently fired up my anger is when MY ORTHODONTIST decided to earn these bonus from God. 

Absolutely anything that I complain about to my ortho is heard, accepted and then answered with a but which is seriously annoying sometimes.

I ask them how long my molar buildups will stay and this is what they said, “Usually it only takes one week for that specific teeth to come to the front BUT since you have an over lapping teeth, it will have to move out of the way first.”


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3 thoughts on “The Big Bad But In My Face

  1. uzma

    really a sad story BUT it happens….:D

  2. Oh Dear what a But blog, But why the victim is always U 🙂 I’m really sorry for all these but’s lil-lady

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