Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS…

I don’t want to scare away any newbie who may be planning to get braces with my “Oh it hurts like hell” kinda statements, so for those of you (kids or scared adults), my case was different, severe and complex and hence complex treatment.

I got 5 extractions in one day which didn’t hurt that much… The only thing was my entire mouth was numb, swollen and was dripping blood and I couldn’t even close my mouth or drink my own blood coz it’s just GEE ARE OW ESS ESS GROSS.

I got braces 2 days later, on both my jaws. I admit I was eager to get braces because the Gaps were killing me, so soon as I was able to hold up the shock of losing 5 strong healthy teeth, I went for the braces.

At this point, I was happy because everyone said the braces looked cute on me. YAY MEEE.

2 days later, I started having problem closing my mouth completely because one of the upper brackets was colliding with my lower teeth and it kept my bite open a little. I went to my dentist hoping he would either push the bracket up or file my lower teeth so I could close my bite completely.

TO MY UTTER SHOCK and I really mean utter shock,Β they cemented my right and left first molars to stop me from closing my mouth or make a bite completely.

Now my mouth is one inch open on the inside and the entire pressure of my head has fallen on the two molars.


The braces hurt….

The pressure hurts…

Every teeth hurts…

My mouth has cuts and soars and bruises that come and go…

But more than that,Β not being able to relax my jaws HURTSSSSSS. The pain is unbearable and it drives me crazy so much that I just want to hit my head to the wall.

Here I am trying to come back to work after a long break but all I have done for the past 3 hours is write this post with frequent intervals where I just held my head and stared into the infinity of my laptop screen.

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25 thoughts on “Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS…

  1. oh my my. so sorry to read about that.
    I wish you a very quick recovery. I guess in a few days things start to get bearable.
    I have no experience of it. But one of my sisters had braces and she complained to the most part.
    But I am sure when it was over, she was happy. hurt or not she was happy in the end.
    Wish you all the best

    • I don’t want to be all jumpy but what was her case and how long did she have to wear her braces until retainers? My case it crooked teeth due to small jaw 😦

      • What I recall is small jaw with too many teeth, as a result crooked teeth. 4 or 5 or 6 of them was extracted and she wore the braces for about a year. she went to the dentist once a month or every few weeks to adjust the braces. i am not sure what the difference between braces and retainers are.
        That was like 10 or 12 years back. What I recall is that she lost a lot of weight as she lost her appetite. But later she bounced back and gained weight and a nice smile too.

        • Oh its the same case here. Exactly the same. Mine erupted coz my wisdom tooth started coming and was creating much crowding. Aaah I am in the same condition as your sister was. Losing weight daily. I am glad she bounced back to health and smile. I am so wishing for this year to pass by soon. This raised up molars are killing me.

  2. Freedom, by the way

    Ooohhh. I feel your pain! It does not seem reasonable that you would be in so much pain. Maybe it’s time for a new orthodontist.

    • I have been to a couple of orthodontist. My case is complex and this is the only way it can be done… I just wish 2013 would pass by with a blink of an eye 😦

      • Freedom, by the way

        Perhaps after your mouth “stretches” to accomodate the new braces you will not be in so much pain? I’m thinking & praying for you, Aisha. Pain is debilitating and keeps us from what we need and want to do.

        • I just am uncomfortable with not being able to put my jaw in relaxing position. It’s like always opened. Keep the prayers coming in. I need them more than I need my sleeping pills.

  3. Asad

    I got braces 2.5 years ago cuz i had teeth on upper left & right gum, like Dracula :-). When I smiled or laughed, it looked weird. Also there was gap between teeth.

    The first two or three months were really like
    Oh, i can’t eat anything, there was always infection in mouth, there was a lot of pain.
    But when pain became unbearable I used to take painkiller medicine that my doctor suggested.

    He removed my three healthy teeth during whole period. I was like, oh doc it was not milky it was my real healty teeth 😦

    But your situation is really different from mine, i could close my mouth.

    Now two weeks ago i got retainer for the lower teeth, last week i got retainer for the upper teeth

    Now on 18th Jan 2012, Finally he will remove my braces. Then i’ll be freee.

    • Asad

      18 jan 2013*

      • Asad

        Today’s the day the one of the happiest day of my life.
        Now i can officially eat apple again πŸ™‚

        Sent from Samsung S7562

        • you got your braces out. Omg… How is life without braces? Must b awesome…. But then don’t eat hard food for a little longer because your gums are still sore. (Oh yes I have read many articles…. I am practically an ortho now lol)…

          Congrats man.

          Tomorrow is my first official adjustment day 😦

          Do you have before after pics?

          • Asad

            Yes i have my pics

            Today, my Doctor burned a CD of my profile folder on my request.

            • i want to see if its ok with u…btw how were your retainers? i want too know wat they r like.

              • Asad

                Yeah its ok with me.
                Here is the link of album … its album not affiliate link πŸ˜€


                | Warning:- not suitable for anyone under 18 :p |

                • What a pretty treasure… Seriously. And i can see one of your canine tooth just wandered off the territory to explore your mouth. How long did it take for that dude to come back? or did they extract it? And dude you had a cross bite too :S :S :S How come you didn’t get molar buildups *jealous*?

                  Congrats for the lovely set of teeth. I hope my dentist gives me these retainers and not the removable once….

                  • Asad

                    Actually I got braces due to that canine :D, because my Aunt (father’s sister) noticed that it looks weird when I smile πŸ™‚

                    And No, he didn’t extract that one and I don’t know why. He extracted my tooth below that canine to make room for that. Then that canine was pulled down by adding elastic band or something like that, which was very slow & painful process in the whole period.

                    Most the time I feel i’m very lucky. So i didn’t get molar buildups πŸ™‚

                    Oh, I forgot the amazing X-ray of my mouth πŸ˜€

                    http://goo.gl/IAXZS (Album Updated)


                      *caps off*

                      If those are wisdom tooth teeth u need to get them extracted coz they are going to push the teeth no? My wisdom tooth were coming exactly this way on the left so I had to get them both extracted.

                      Your teeth inspire me lol

    • OMG I can totally feel your happiness to be finally free and boy I am actually feeling a little jealous of you right now coz mine is the start of this horrible barbaric practice 😦

      Btw those dracula teeth… I have them too and they look cute… Everyone in my family is in sorrow because they will get straightened. I even asked my ortho if he would let those stay the way they are and deal with other issues, but he is just too jealous of the cuteness of these lovely dracula teeth. Lol…

      Aaaah it hurts as I write this… I am so happy for you 😦 😦 :(.. Oh I mean πŸ™‚

      • Asad

        It must be very hard time for you but you have to face it with great tolerance.
        & I know you can.

        “Be a man”

        I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  4. Oh my craze-wise lil-lady saw u all smiling on 11th dec and now, I’ll pray for u it will be over soon IN SHAA ALLAH

    • I hope this soon comes anytime sooner than the actual soon my ortho claims πŸ™‚

  5. uzma

    i just wana say that i know u r a brave girl…and my prayers r with u πŸ™‚

    • Excuse my language but it’s like having labor pain in your mouth constantly… No body is brave enough for that πŸ™‚

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