Superlatives Of Life

Superlatives Of Life - Pencil Sketch

1. Its bad when you have to fly in economy class, worse when you get the middle seat and worst if both the seats next to you belong to fat man.

2. Its terrible when you wait an hour for the sleep to come, more terrible when you want to pee exactly when you got sleepy and most terrible when you have to leave your bed and walk to the bathroom knowing that the sleep is gone again.

3. Its weird when someone tells a lame joke, weirder when no one laughs and weirdest when you are the only one laughing out loud.

4. Its painful when you wear 4 inch heels, more painful when you have to walk a long distance and most painful when the road is not even.

5. Its embarrassing when you are left in a room with a bunch of unknown guests, more embarrassing when no one is talking and most embarrassing when everyone is looking at you to speak up as the host of the party.

6. Its good when your parents leave you alone in the house, better when your favorite movie is on the TV and best when your fridge is full of junk food.

7. Its crazy when you drink lots of water, crazier when your stomach gets too loaded and crazier when all that water starts taking revenge every 20 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Superlatives Of Life

  1. uzma

    i hate superlatives 2 n 5…n wish for superlative 6…thats just amazing…:)

  2. lol
    wonderful list 🙂
    I have experience number one and yes it is the worst when both of them a fat men 🙂

  3. curvyelvie

    You wrote an amazing blog.

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