When There Is A Hole In Your Boat…

Ship In Sea Battling Through Storm

When you have a hole in your boat and you are in middle of the sea, row your boat.

For sure, the water is filling your boat and it’s getting heavier on you. All the burden of the water from the sea would make it impossible for you to row as you would do otherwise. The storm right behind you makes things worse.

Rowing hard enough would hurt your hands, your heart would pound, your fears will overtake all your hopes and you might just want to give up or jump off the boat instead of waiting to see what happens but there is still a chance that you can make it.

Grab onto that chance and make the best of it. Don’t fear the water filling in your boat. Trust your hands and your power. This boat is yours and you can row it to the shore if only you try.

Besides, the fun of reaching a shore is when you make it through the storm.

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3 thoughts on “When There Is A Hole In Your Boat…

  1. True, being able to make through the storm leaves you thankful.
    but it’s not always fun. the trauma of the storm might leave harsh scars.
    I guess it’s best to be ready with life jackets 🙂

  2. Becky Wright, Songwriter & Speaker

    Aisha, this is a beautiful, powerful thought! I also LOVE the picture of the boat! May I use it on the cover of my upcoming book?

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