The Road Not Taken Is The Road Much Thought About

Mysterious Two Roads

The Road Not Taken – By Robert Frost

I remember having read this poem when I was in 6th grade, I did not understand the meaning of this poem until it was in my bachelors course of literature and I did not truly understand the beauty of its meaning until just now when I am standing at the exact place as Robert Frost describes to be in the poem.

Now I know how beautiful this poem is and more than that I know how meaningful the sense of the poem is.

Being one person, who has to decide which road to take, I am standing before the two roads for more than 48 hours now and yet haven’t decided which road I will take. 

Both the roads require their own sacrifices that I will have to make. And both the sacrifices are too hard on me. I am standing here, evaluating which sacrifice would be less painful. But in reality, both are equally painful.

I know I will make a decision soon enough and choose the road that I want to travel on knowing that this is a once in a lifetime decision and once the road is taken, I have to burn all my boats because there is no return. Once done will be done and the consequences will be right in front of me.

What will haunt me the most would be thinking what if I had taken the other road. What would life be if I took the other road. Would it have been easier or would it have been harder.

For the rest of my life, I will be thinking about the road not taken and will wonder if I took the correct decision.

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