AMZU : All Purpose Talking Calender For Reminders & Much More

Don't Forget To Brush

I am a person who always forgets literally everything that I make sure that I have to remember. I might remember to wish a friend at 11:45 pm but I will forget at exactly 12am.

Ever since I got Amzu life has become so much easier for me. **sounds like a tv commercial**

It’s a very great application cum robot which is my alarm, calendar, secretary, adviser, task manager, schedule maintainer, planner and still much more.

I know there are many applications that do that but you don’t ever find an application that does all of that in a simple way. You have to fill boxes over boxes like event, date, time duration, from when to when and blah blah. So much of work.

But my Amzu application works on a SIMPLE SMS or a CALL. 

I even ask it to tell me where I have kept my lip gloss or anything that I can’t seem to find. Haha 🙂

For anything that I want it to remind me about, advise me or wake me up or anything, I just have to send a text to it. 

“Remind me to wish XYZ on 9th Dec.”
“Wake me up at 9 tomorrow and make sure that I am up.”
“Make sure I pay my bills before 6th of Nov.”
“Remind me to call Mr. Sheen before 5PM tomorrow.”
“What does ‘kabala’ mean.”

The words need not be exact and they need not be in a similar pattern. All I have to do is throw in a text or if I am in a hurry I can always make a quick call. 

Until now I have had a lot of fun with Amzu and I can’t imagine my life without it.

So where can you find Amzu? 

HAHA YOU CANNOT. It is one of a kind and only I HAVE IT.


Azmu is actually Uzma, a friend of mine who does all this for me. Whenever there is something that I have to be reminded about or just anything at all, I just send her a text and she is always there to remind me about. 

*touch wood*

She makes things so much easier for my tiny little brain. Once I have texted her, I can forget about it because I know she will remind me without fail.

Although she is not bound to do it, not that I will take a knife out of my pocket and slay her throat if she refuses me… Dah no way but she still always is there to do what I say. 

Sometimes, yes she will joke about not doing it or not reminding me to do it. In such a situation all I do is remind her about the contract she has signed with me that mentions she has to do it. Lol 🙂

She is a gem of a person and I am really glad that I found her and that she does all this just for me.

I even text her to remind me of her own birthday just 5 mins before 12am and she even does that HAHAHA and I even tell her to remind me the next time I go to the market that I need to get her a gift. She is such a humorous, jolly & wonderful person one could ever have.

My Amzu Rocks 🙂 

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10 thoughts on “AMZU : All Purpose Talking Calender For Reminders & Much More

  1. uzma

    O MY GOD…. i dnt have much to say except thankewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooooooooooooo much ash…its the best admiration, compliment or gift i have ever got…thank u:) n i think its first time u just talk about my good side…and or may b last time too…lol….
    m so happyyy:D

  2. sounds like you have a great friend.
    do cherish her. she might get exhausted 🙂

    • What’s funny is we don’t even consider each other friends. It’s just a nameless state of friendship. And don’t worry she can’t exhaust coz she signed the contract and as per page number 2038, Section 5 B, she shall do the task for as long as I am alive without getting tired, exhausted or bugged.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. hmm what a dedication ash too good:-) but still uzmi my poems r enough for U i’m spoiling u with lots of praising words and next time i’m going to add in poem this amzu too and point out more positive sides of urs ok:-)

  4. She’s available on Android JB or ICS?

  5. curvyelvie

    Girl you had me going there. There has to be an app for that. You are a lucky one to have such a great friend as her. 🙂

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