We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

Human Puppets

Have you ever wondered?
We are merely just puppets
Standing on a huge stage
In front of an audience

But the biggest question is
Who is holding our strings

Yes of course, God
But do you know our strings
Are in the hands of everyone else
Except for our own hands

People control us every minute
As we do everything they say
We dance upon their beats
To make them happy

We sacrifice our own desires
To impress every one of them
Hoping they would be happy
And reward us perhaps

But then in the end,
Our sacrifices are just not enough
And no matter how hard we try
We can never satisfy them

So the question is,
Why do we let them control us?

Because we are bound to
There is no way out
We are forced into this game
Without our consent, without a choice

And when we try to break free
The other puppets on stage
They would never let us run away
Because they are selfish

The moment you try to do something
That pleases your heart
All the other puppets
Will run towards you with a knife

Now the question is,
Why are people controlling us?

Because the ones holding our strings
Are being controlled by higher people
Who are being controlled as well
And they do as they are said

We are all being controlled
We are all puppets in the hands of puppets
Standing on a stage
Where no one is happy &  no one smiles

– Aisha

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5 thoughts on “We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

  1. so very true Aisha
    we are indeed puppets in the hands of puppets controlled by the puppet master
    sometimes i wish i could cut the strings and be freeeeee 🙂
    Alas, we are humans, mortals, and belong to the almighty … no arguing on that

  2. hmm good one i wrote on this topic a poem in urdu named PUTLI TAMASHA , beautifully written as always:-)

  3. Tracey Baker-Stewart

    Hello there Aisha,
    I stumbled upon your poem ‘We are Puppets..’ after clicking on the accompanying image in Google Images.
    I am having a solo art exhibition starting 2nd February 2013 with the name ‘Puppet’ and your poem illustrates perfectly my sentiments and reasons for choosing the theme for the exhibition. I will be exhibiting paintings, drawings and mixed media images and wondered if I may please use your poem alongside my own work to enhance the ideas behind my imagery?
    I shall of course give your poem full credit to yourself and not pass it off as my own work.
    If you give me permission please let me know how you would like me to reference it to you.
    Many thanks,
    Tracey Baker-Stewart

    • So many thanks for giving my poem such an honor. I would be more than happy to be of your help and would consider it an honor to have my poem along side your imagery to enhance the theme.

      You may credit the poem to Aisha Zahid [AshScrapYard.wordpress.com].

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