We Were All Given Ballet Dance Training For A Boxing Competition

Boxing Champion VS Ballet Dancer

Don’t Mind My Noob Photoshopping Skills LOL 🙂

We have all been taught right from infancy about being right, truthful, honest, good and mannered. It’s like our grownups planted the seeds of goodness in our brain when we are babies and as we grew up, the seeds of goodness turned into seedlings, plants and eventually into a huge grown tree.

We spent our entire life hearing from grownups to speak the truth, that we must help others, that we shouldn’t hurt anyone, that we should forgive people for their mistakes, that we should love them, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. They were brainwashing us with goodness.

Oh and all the stuff they told us about the world being such a lovely beautiful place that we formed an image of a fairyland in our mind about this world.

But when we grew up, we all told ourself, “WHAT NONSENSE,” for we saw what the world really was… And whatever that it was, it was nothing like they told us it was… :S :S :S


Did they ever tell us how bad the world can really be, how cruel the people can be,  that the world is also full of a**holes, b*tches and douchbags, that there will be selfish people who are only going to USE YOU, that you could be seriously punished for speaking the truth, that you will only end up with a broken heart no matter how much you love, that all your help will end up in a garbage bin because people are jerks, that if you keep forgiving people they will only hurt you more and think you are a loser?


Why weren’t we prepared for this cruel world? Why weren’t we told that IF YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT BACK, PEOPLE WILL LITERALLY EAT YOU UP… Why weren’t we told that there are only a handful bunch of good people?


We have all been misdirected and we have all been led astray.


Yes people, they gave us ballet dancing training for a boxing competition and expected us to win it. How the hell are we supposed to fight in a boxing ring with our ballet dance moves?

Truth sounds ridiculous, isn’t it?

But this is the reason why we are all failing with our life so miserably. Because we are all trying to be perfect, honest, truthful, caring and loving in a world that respects imperfect, dishonest, lying, uncaring and hateful people. We are all trying to be the good people in a world where bad is the new good.

So I say we stop taking this Ballet dance training and get some real boxing training. We don’t need it to hurt others, but we need it to DEFEND ourselves.

Let’s throw away those ballet shoes and put on some boxing gloves 🙂 🙂 🙂

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5 thoughts on “We Were All Given Ballet Dance Training For A Boxing Competition

  1. boxing gloves and metallic clogs right Ash;-)

  2. May

    actually, as ballerina, I can just stand still, and kick once, and you’re nose is broken. really, ballet is quite the fighting sport. fulltrained ballerina’s can kick harder then horses.

  3. john

    that was nice and funny 🙂

    Do yu think you could win a taekwondo or kickboxing fight vs a non trained 16 years old guy?

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