Omg!!! What’s With Everyone Wearing The Croc Shoes :S :S :S

Croc Shoes Collection

At first when I saw a few fat people wearing croc shoes, I thought, “oh well… may be these are some sort of medicated shoes that their doctors have advised them to wear due to their weight issues.”

Then I started seeing more men wearing them and I thought, “ummm may be they have some back issues and need to walk in perfectly stable shoes or may be they just have too sweaty feet…” 


I look at this very hot and sexy young man in a mall and I check him out… Hair spiked up…Just the way I like… Omg… That red shirt looks so much hot on him…White baggie jeans… The kinda look that melts my heart…. Shoes… WHAT THE EFFF….. IS HE WEARING CROC SHOES??? Why in the world would he do that.

In next very few days, I saw 80% men, women, children and to my utter surprise even toddlers wearing these shoes…

That moment, I realized we had been invaded… It was CROC SHOE INVASION…. The ugly shoe revenge to the world for wearing fashionable shoes even if it hurts them.

I don’t get it :S :S :S… Is there a hidden fashion statement in these shoes that I am overlooking or failing to understand because to me they are just big hideous shoes that I would NEVER EVER wear even if I were on my death bed ( well, that depends on who is dressing me up so I will write it down in my will. “No Croc Shoes Please…”

They may be comfortable, they may be too comfortable but the hideous look, ugly, larger than my foot size and gosh the terrible colors never ever will convince me that they are worth wearing. Comfort definitely is number 1 priority to me but this comfort does not mean comfort of my body. It means I should be comfortable with what I am wearing. 

Croc shoes are so hideous, they will only make you feel like you are an Ogre with huge colored feet. 

Now honestly and seriously, tell me, how many of you have Croc Shoes or would you please do me the favor of sharing WHY IS THE WORLD WEARING THEM?

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10 thoughts on “Omg!!! What’s With Everyone Wearing The Croc Shoes :S :S :S

  1. uzma

    first of all…EXACTLYY!!!
    n honestly i dont have any in my house…and i think it was made for water purpose use as its made of rubber material..doesn’t get effected by water n not slippery as well…n yes i agree, the brightest colours r even more irritating..dont know why is the world them everywhere..these shoes should be restricted to bathroom area.. and btw who wears shoes on death bed???…lol

  2. They look so much ugly, i literary hate them my aunt in neighbours use to wear them i insisted her to changed them.

  3. Anuja

    Well i needed something for Goa, so i got these ‘almost transparent’ aquamarine ones….the yellow or the orange opaque ones look like “duck feet!! loll

    • Oh transparent. I am loving all the transparent flip flops and flat shoes coming these days. Cheap but very cute. I still don’t like the crocs in transparent tho. Lol

  4. strik9

    Those weak ass shoes are for folks wit no style or fat bastards. The same ones who wear those big dog shirts.If you own a pair o crocs, killyoself a.s.a.p.!

  5. SAM

    I lvoe Crocs. Have a pair in every color. They are so comfortable you feel llk you are walking on marshmellows. I have no one to impress and don’t really give a hoot what other people think.

  6. Voice of Reason

    These shoes define the epitome of Lazy Ass Unprofessional self-centered FASHION FAILURES…. Take yer stinky feet and go home …. You ARE an embarrassment to all humans.

  7. Fashionista

    I hate crocs so fucking much. Crocs are an embarrassment to human society. They make your feet look fat and are so tacky. They’re ugly, and are for people who don’t know what fashion is. I don’t know what the deal with crocs are, I don’t know why they’re such a big thing. Everytime I see someone wearing crocs, I literally want to kill myself. People shouldn’t wear crocs, and they really need to be banned worldwide. Fashion lessons should be mandatory for everyone.

    Tory Burch shoes are where it’s at. Yet, I barely see anyone wearing them and they should be mandatory footwear for every woman.

  8. Rica

    People who wear crocs
    -unfashionable trash bags
    -poor hoes
    -unemployed bastards
    -wannabe insecure teenagers trying to start a “trend” (which won’t take off by the way)

    Who wears crocs? They are these big, ugly shoes which give no shape to your feet whatsoever. Whatever happened to women looking “fine” and “classy” with nice high heels and designer riding boots, with cat’s eye eyeliner and perfectly curled hair? People who wear crocs should either go burn their crocs or kill themselves. I am currently praying for all of you and hopefully you will finally understand beauty and fashion.

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