That Awkward Moment When…


These are a collection of my “That awkward moment when,” hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share yours as well. πŸ™‚

That awkward moment when,

1. you are passing by him and want to look perfectly perfect and the wind blows and it messes up all your hair.

2. you want to look sophisticated at a family dinner and a meatball accidentally slips from your plate onto your dress.

3. you have a chicken bone in your mouth and you can neither remove it nor swallow it.

4. you asked your boyfriend you will call him in 5 mins and your parents suddenly want to discuss world economy with you.

5. you have to admit it was your fault that the egg fell from the window which tripped the electrical wiring causing a short-circuit in Mrs. Stewart’s apartment that lead to the death of her cat who had just delivered 6 kittens.

6. you pick your phone to make an urgent call and you don’t have credit and you end up texting them to call you.

7. you raise your hands to ask something in a room full of 300 people and you forget what you wanted to ask when your turn comes.

8. you make funny faces in the mirror and realize it’s a two way mirror.

9. you are talking really ill and bad about a person and he is standing right behind you.

10. you spend the entire day telling yourself to forget about something.

11. you like a song and you play it so many times that it starts annoying you.

12. you are buying stuff for yourself, a salesman comes and says “how about this. It’s more GIRLY,” and you realize everything you bought was odd.

13. you are sitting with your relatives and no one is talking.

14. you are complimented about something that happened accidentally.

15. you are in a crowded train and you enjoy a loud foul fart because you know no one can hear it and no one will find out who it was.

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7 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When…

  1. uzma

    no. 13 is realllyyyyyy awkward n irritating…

  2. oh my god no 15 hehehehehe

  3. lol, just can’t stop laughing Aisha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Reblogged this on theextraaamile and commented:
    15 of the best!

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