What It Feels To Have An “Emergency Rush To Hospital” Experience

Crazy Evil Scary Doctor

At first I wanted to title this blog as “My First And Last “Rush To The Hospital” Experience” but then on second thought, well… After I get married ahem ahem, I am sure I will happily want to jump, hop and rush to the hospital. LOL.

Yeah you are right. Jumping and hopping isn’t really a good idea. I will keep that in mind. 🙂

Anyway, so I have only been to hospital to visit someone or accompany someone which should give you the idea how much distance I have always kept with hospitals.

2 days ago I was rushed to the hospital at night when my fever was back after I assumed I was all better. I couldn’t breathe, my heartbeat was annoying me and then I suddenly started having severe side pain. I think that was just enough to be considered as an emergency.

Let me tell you, being taken into the emergency is like walking into a Laboratory where you are the rat holding a huge banner saying, “Oryt guys… here I am… show me what you got in here.” And soon as you have said that, everyone is out there with their knives, needles, pumps, chain saw, hammer, guns, swords, plow, sickle, trowel, torques and WHAT NOT. 

The doctor is now the person who is going to ask you crazy questions….
“No I am not married.”
“No I don’t have any boyfriend tensions or stress…”
“No I don’t do drugs…” ***you want me to answer that in front of my mom…Yeah RIGHT***
“No I don’t feel my fever.” ***what did he even mean by that***
“No I don’t have an FB account.”
“No I don’t have twitter account either.”
“No I don’t even know why you asked that.”

After a very humorous crazy weird and almost silly round of questions and answers you are thrown into the dungeons of the hospital. If you pay attention, you can even hear the staff’s wicked evil laughter and chattering. They have a new victim…

You forget 90% of your pain due to the tension build around you with all the scary looking tools and machines which you know are either going to be inserted in you or upon you.

And then the moment you just want to escape is the time when those huge injections are brought out for you. One is just not enough…Yay here comes another…. huh

So there lies your hand in utter pain starting to get hard but it’s yet not over. They tie a string on your elbow and insert another needle, this time taking your blood. “ITS MY BLOOD… GIVE IT BACK TO ME”….But it’s too late. I wonder how they test blood or do they TASTE BLOOD ***thinking***

Anyway, in the end, as a reward of your bravery, they drug you. Now that fellas, I definitely, from my experience can say is a feeling of heaven. You feel like cracking jokes. Your entire brain freezes. You want to laugh. You feel dizzy. You feel relieved. You feel like you are on the 7th sky. Floating in thin air.

HAHA… Don’t be jealous now. The moments only last as long as you can keep yourself awake. The moment you put your head down on a pillow, the sleep fairy takes you away. But beware, you only wake up to find an entire shelf of medicines right next to you and they are only going to keep your head sleepy for the entire course duration.

With all that having said (written), I better go back to bed because my head is sleepy and my tortured arm needs some rest too 🙂 🙂 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What It Feels To Have An “Emergency Rush To Hospital” Experience

  1. Andrew

    Sounds like a crazy experience in a good way… I’ve seen people get high when they are drugged. They start laughing and cracking jokes and have the best time ever… it’s also great fun watching them… did you get up to doing any of that… ?

    Get well soon!

    • I was feeling the same, I wanted to laugh out at everything happening around me and the world seemed such a fun place but a part of my brain was still scared as hell with all the injections n tests I had to go through, so I just went to sleep.

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