Ooo Let Me Do This… Oh Man How Will I Do This… OMG I Did It…

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Sometimes I put myself in so much rush into things I have never done before or have no idea about and then later I feel like slapping my own face and saying, “WHAT WERE YOU EVEN THINKING AISHA?”

It goes something like this for me :

*** an idea pops***
***I rush to turn the idea into reality***
***regret having got involved coz I have no idea***
*** do well with the idea***
***be happy that I did it***


I will admit I am not much of a deep thinker at all. When I think about something, I do it whether I have experience about it or I have no clue about it. It’s like swimming. You don’t know how to swim but you jump in the pool. Eventually you struggle to come to the surface as you swish swash your arms in water but when you keep doing it, you learn how to swim.

That’s how I do it in my life.

Sure there are times when I have just wondered why the hell I even put myself into it, because I feel scared, nervous or clueless at that time ( it’s pretty natural I guess) but once the ball is rolling and I get the hang of it, I just love my decision and feel happy that I took it up.

Just recently, I decided I should give attitude speaking, personality grooming & confidence building classes because I am good with it (or so I think myself to be haha). I applied and the course got accepted. That was my literal “OH WHAT HAVE I GOT INTO” sort of moment because now this new course is entirely upon me.

Everything has so far gone well. The brochures will be getting published soon and when we have enough students enrolled (hopefully), I will be called to teach (still getting the hang of being called a TEACHER lol).

So this is my current BIG ADVENTURE because I have no teaching experience, no idea how I will make the course or how I will stand in front of a class. But I know, I will be fine and I will do just great (inshaAllah).

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5 thoughts on “Ooo Let Me Do This… Oh Man How Will I Do This… OMG I Did It…

  1. IN SHAA ALLAH n best of luck ash:-)

  2. something like that needs a lot of courage and by going for it you have already shown you have loads of it 🙂
    wish you a very successful TEACHING experience

    • Frankly, It’s going to be very ironic in the first few days of my classes when I am the one giving confidence building classes while inside I am struggling to have the strength to overcome nervousness. LOL

      Courage is my middle name. I am exactly like that cartoon. COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG… No matter how coward he is inside, he still does it 🙂

  3. uzma

    you will be successfull..i know…n best of luck

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