Love Is A Sad Feeling…

Sad Girl Sitting Alone In Broken House

They say it’s a beautiful feeling to be in love
It makes you feel happy as times goes by
But I say, screw them who says this,
Because that’s pretty much a big fat lie

Being in love is not a happy feeling
It’s a very sad feeling if you dare to see
When all you do is think about them
& the time when you both shall beΒ 

It makes you crazy &Β insane at times
When you want to be with them somehow
But you know you are miles away
And being with them is not happening now

Then it even makes you cry at night
When you start missing them so madly
You want to hug them, kiss and touch
But just to know that you can’t, hurts badly

It makes you feel even worse
To know that you are all alone
The only time you can be with them
Is over the mails or through phone

So when they say, love is a happy feeling
I want to shoot them with a gun
Because clearly they do not know
What it feels to be madly in love with someone

– Aisha

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13 thoughts on “Love Is A Sad Feeling…

  1. scentedpagesinadiary


  2. very true aisha.
    being in love is a crappy feeling esp when all we do is think about them.
    it’s crappier when we fall out of love πŸ™‚ because we think of them even more …

    • Yes but falling out of love, you know that you have got no chance but being in love and still not getting the chance or waiting for a distant time to get that chance is crappy.

      Btw, you might want to check your spam comments section.

      • I agree. it is totally crappy having to wait to share a conversation or just have some private time together when we are crazily in love πŸ™‚ Amazing how things changes over time …

        anyways, abt the spam. I was only a few days ago cleaning my spam and there were about 75 spam comments, i was going CLICK, DELETE, CLICK, DELETE
        and then on the blink of my eye I thought I saw something unlike spam, I thought I saw Aisha… but by the time I realized it I had hit the DELETE 😦 and I wished there was an undo even for spam deletes.
        Now that you mention it, I am sure that I had accidentally deleted a genuine comment from you. Feeling very sorry about it. Hope you would forgive me πŸ™‚

  3. Ash beautifully written and intensity of feelings automatically came in these lines, loved the pattern n as usual picture is too good;-)

    It makes you crazy & insane at times
    When you want to be with them somehow
    But you know you are miles away
    And being with them is not happening now

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      And remember, I Love You and it makes me feel sad πŸ˜›

  4. uzma

    i love only my self n it doesn’t make anyone feel sad..m sure:P

  5. little amie

    hi its amazing

  6. yes Aisha You Are R8
    Love Is A Sad Feeling…….

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