It Has Been A SICK Week… Literally

Sick In Bed

I don’t know if people love falling ill because it’s their chance to relax and not bother about the work but to me it’s not the same. I am pretty sure there must be many like me in this regard (you can put that tomato down now).

As much as lazy and Garfield sort of a person you think I am (or so I have portrayed myself to be), falling ill is the least of my favorite as the more ill I am, the more work is piling up for me.

This time, I think God wanted me to rest more (work more, I guess) because I have been ill with what not :S :S :S. First it was the severe wisdom toothache that hurt my entire left face side. Then it was high fever. Then flu, cough, body pain, an upset stomach (gross) and finally when I thought I was getting better, A BP drop so much to leave me on bed.

Being ill, I practically become impatient, restless and I freak out. Most of my people tell me to take ample rest, take a chill pill and ask me to take a time out of work. That sure is the best advice for that moment, but


I know for once, my work is piling up high. It’s becoming a bigger mountain everyday, staring at me and saying, “Run as much as you want, you are coming back to me baby.” 

Being on bed, all I do is think about the things that I need to do once I am well. And soon as I am well, all the energy I stored in the entire week goes drain within the next 2 days as I try to finish up all my pending work.

So now that I am back to work from one sick week, My mind is already on Red Bull and is running on 5000 horse power.

There are blogs to be written and plenty of blogs that need my attention. There are many things to check and overview. There is a survey of sites and many emails that I have to send in that regard. I have a meeting tomorrow which I have had delayed since last Saturday and I just realized, I haven’t even prepared the notes for it (what am I going to be doing there, I have no clue).

For the meeting, I think  I will just go and look pretty (will that do? LOL 🙂 )

Oh did you forget I am a girl? Which means I have house chores as well. I had to unpack my suitcase (Yes yes it’s been almost a month since I traveled. You didn’t have to keep the record you know). So I unpacked my suitcase as well today and excuse me, I did clean my cupboard too ( it’s going to stay clean for a couple of days, hours may be lol).

And bottom line?

Well, I have been up from bed since morning and since then been busy with work. My neck hurts because I have been on laptop for most of the day. There is still more work to do and I also need to get up early tomorrow.


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