Dear Grandparents Whom I Have Never Met


Dear Grandparents,

It’s strange when I hear everyone talk about their grandparents to me. Some who are happy because their grandparents are coming to visit them, some who wait for the Sunday so they can visit their grandparents while some are lucky enough to live with their grandparents in a joint family system.

I can’t help but wonder how pathetic my life is :S

No seriously, I am angry with you guys. You guys decided to leave even before I came… I guess you didn’t want to see my face. It wasn’t fair okay… At least my bro got the chance to play with both my grandmas. But soon as it was my turn, All of you decided to leave.

I have never had the chance to be with you, to feel what it’s like to have your hand on my head, to hold your hand while you walk and to ask you to give me chocolates and complain to you about my parents and watch you scold them. Haha.

Grandparents, even though I have always just seen you in pictures, I miss you guys a lot. There is a hole in my heart, that no other relation can ever fill. I wish you guys didn’t leave and stayed for a little long enough that I could at least make memories of us.

But what do I have now?


All I know is how you guys looked coming from the pictures my parents have of you. So once again, not fair. I really wish you guys were here with me. Life would have been so much more beautiful with you guys around.

And Grandma, you were such a beauty back in your days, I sure could have used some of your help with my ahem ahem life 🙂 And Grandpa, I would have really loved to see you scold my Dad. It would have been a real moment of my life :).

Love Aisha.

P.S: Please don’t mention this to Mom n Dad… Your know how your kids are 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Dear Grandparents Whom I Have Never Met

  1. Arjun Sharma

    Hey Aisha, same here, i never got to see my grandparents. ive only heard stories. at some level i think i felt the same way too, but that was long ago.

    • I love having elders around at home which is why I still feel the same way. I am jealous of everyone who have this treasure and I feel like punching their faces those who take such relations for granted.

      • Arjun Sharma

        they say one realizes the importance of something or someone when they are going…no one cherishes what they already have. human nature i guess…

  2. Keturah

    I kniow my grandparents, and i love them sooo dearly. Aisha, you truley missed out lol

    • Wow that was like really sweet of you to say 😦 😦 😦 You just pressed my paining nerve 😛 😛 😛
      You are lucky 🙂

  3. Omontle

    I never had the chance to see them nd am only 19years i so wish they didint leave before i was born its very painfull because i dont even have their picture

  4. I have grandparents on both sides anyways i am just just 11

    • You are lucky. Enjoy your time with and talk to them a lot. You will be amazed at the stories they have.

  5. BRI

    Hi Aisha, Thank you for writing this. I just spent half an hour online looking for someone who understands; most don’t, at least not from first hand experience. I understand completely, down to the P.S. I have nothing, not even a picture, of my dad’s parents. And my mom’s parents… let’s just say there are no fond memories of them, not even one holiday, and they lived thousands of miles away anyway. They’re all long gone now. I’m sorry for you, and for me. And thank you again. You’re a light in my dark.

    • hi, I am glad I could share the feelings. Missing out on these valuable people in life is such a sorrow.

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