Crazy Things To Do…

Weird Girl Making Funny Face

1. Go to a wedding and when everyone is sobbing at the romantic moments, laugh out very loudly until everyone looks at you and say, “Oh don’t worry you guys are not disturbing me at all. Please carry on crying.”

2. Go to a fast food restaurant and ask them if they serve food in baby diapers.

3. Start running on the street, screaming, “It’s coming…IT’S COMING…RUN FOR YOU LIFE… IT’S VERY CLOSE…IT’S HERE.”

4. At a family dinner, recite weird prayers.. “Ungala ungala namaga lika lika lika lika…Amen.”

5. Dance like a maniac… in your class room… or where ever you prefer.

6. Go to a posh restaurant and ask the guard if you could use the plants at the entrance as a bathroom since it’s very urgent. Tell him you won’t make it to the inner bathroom.

7. Tell your mother you do drugs and need 2 million to pay to the mafia else they will get really mad. Tell her you are kidding. Then tell her you are not. Then tell her yes you are…. You just need a few bucks to buy dark chocolate.

8. Make a wordpress blogpage…. Write weird, crazy stuff about everything that’s weird n crazy.

9. Text “you are such a pathetic a**hole loser” to the person you hate. Then send another text saying, “oh wrong text.” PURPOSE SERVED 🙂

10. Wear your unicorn pajamas with lots of red hearts…Wear a plastic birthday cap…Go out and sing “Happy birthday to me…Happy birthday to me…”

11. Eat your hot n spicy tortilla chips by dipping them in ice cream. ( tried… it actually tasted very good)

12. Walk on the streets while you brush your teeth.

13. Talk about eating grossy stuff at a lunch or dinner. My favorite is talking about frogs, their slimy juices, eye balls etc.

14. Talk on the phone while your mom is in the kitchen and say, “NO NO NO YOU DID ALL WRONG. I SAID CUT BOTH HIS HANDS OFF NOT HIS LEGS.” Sure enough you will be put under heavy inquiry…Don’t worry you can come out by saying I was talking about a Manikin .

15. Go to your mobile company and complain that your phone does not work when the battery is dead. Do not accept the fact that you have to charge it. Insist that it’s their product and they should come home and charge it for you as an after sale service.

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Things To Do…

  1. uzma

    thanx alot…its so nice of u that u tell us so many advices….n take my advice also…plz write a note below the bolg: “DO ON YOUR OWN RISK”

    • You never know the fun you are missing until you have the courage of taking the risk… So go ahead, try it and live your life.

  2. Try slapping a young girl in any departmental store (TRY it at your own risk) and say sorry I thought you’re my younger sister/cousin or whatever (tried it – got very bad response from her family) wo to bus tie wagera dekh k kuch halka par gae warna to bari kutai lagni thi us din.

    • Y would I slap a young girl :S. Thats not crazy, it’s stupid :S What were you thinking?

  3. how many of them u have done ash on your own risk??????

    • Let’s see now, I have tried 3,5, variations of 7, 8 of course, 9 a million times, 11, 13.

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