I HATE YOU KITCHEN TAP… You Are Mean :(… I Hate You

Water Splashing On Girl From Tap

You are wondering “Oh no she didn’t.” But yes, here I am writing a blog on my Kitchen Tap because I am extremely angry with it. I hate it and I always will hate it unless we replace HIM.

This Kitchen Tap, he is such a douche bag I tell ya. He is manner-less and does not know how to behave. Frankly he only has problems with me. I donno what wrong have I done to him, I hardly ever visit him so where is all this bad behavior coming from?

You see what he does is, whenever I go into the kitchen (once in a million years) and I open the kitchen tap, for a second there will be no water from the tap so much that I will be convinced that there is some fault with the tap or there is no water and while I am deciding between the two,  Ppphhhhhsssssshhhhhh…..

The water will come splashing out of the tap as if it were a firefighter’s hose and someone all of a sudden opened the valves.

Now the instant moment when the water splashes out, it goes all over me, drenching my clothes with water.

So you see people, each time I try to have a word with our Kitchen Tap, it just never ever goes well. He doesn’t want to listen to anything and certainly he does not want to change his behavior.

I so wish we can have him replaced with someone who is mannered and decent. Who would say, “Water for the madame” when I open the tap, give me smiles full of water while i wash my hands and then greet me goodbye when I walk off.

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7 thoughts on “I HATE YOU KITCHEN TAP… You Are Mean :(… I Hate You

  1. hahahahaha.. i get the same attitude from my BATHROOM tap 😛 its a severe love-hate relationship i tell you… half the time I find myself with soapy hands or a mouth ful of toothpaste and it just tells me to shove it and….i dont know clogs itself :O
    LOVE the post! 😀 love to see your interesting and funny views on things 😀

    • Haina?

      These taps are real douchebags who do not know how to treat beautiful young woman. What a sigh.

  2. hahahahah too good ash my kitchen tap do this but sometimes:-) coz i visit him thousand times a day he’s my all time glued-friend:-)

  3. Andrew

    This was like reading a short story and loved the way you’ve written this post. anyway I think the issue is you are not showing any love to the tap… that’s why it’s showing these unexpected imotions I think… he he he.. ok jokes aside… I think you better get a plumber to check all of your kitchen taps
    This relationship is not healthy 😉

    • It’s no use because I have never seen my mom or sis come out of the Kitchen drenched with water. It’s just his attitude with me.

      • Andrew

        Hmm… interesting.. have you asked your sis or mum what the secret with Mr. Kitchen Tap is ?
        Share it with me if they tell you… So I know what to do if any taps give me the attitude 😉

        • Oh it’s just a bad mannered tap really. He knows if he behaves well with my mom n sis, my complains will only put me into trouble. Instead of him being asked to behave, I will be asked to treat him well coz he’s never been ill mannered with them. GOSH He is too cunning.

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