Sometimes…Darkness Helps You See Wonderful Things

Painting Of A Mother & Child At The Window

Mommy!!! Mommy!!! Where have you been?
You said you would come back by daylight.

Come here darling, Give Mommy a big hug.
Now you know why I was gone.

**Takes her child in her laps**

Yes Mommy! But… I… I was really scared
I was alone and it was so dark.
I wish Daddy had never left us
I wish you never had to leave me in the dark

Cinthia, Sometimes darkness can make you see things,
That you could have never seen in the light.
When it turns dark, you should look around,
To the things that are now visible to you.
Because sometimes light can turn you blind
& darkness can help you find wonderful things

Mommy…I don’t understand
How can I find something wonderful in darkness?

Do you love the stars, Cinthia?
And the moon? And the fireflies?
The shooting stars?
Honey!!! Have you ever seen them in light?

No Mommy. Never. They only come in dark.
Oh yes Mommy. You are so right
Light keeps so many wonderful things away from us
And darkness helps us see them so beautifully.
Mommy I am not scared of  the darkness anymore
I love darkness because I love stars n moon n fireflies
When it turns dark next time n I am alone
I will look around for more wonderful things.

**Kisses Mommy on the cheeks**

That’s my brave little girl. Now remember…
You have to become good friends with darkness
Because it’s going to stay with us
For a very very very long time.

**Cries and hugs Cinthia as she falls asleep in her arms**

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes…Darkness Helps You See Wonderful Things

  1. amazing perspective 🙂 perfect for uplifting my mood today.

  2. Reblogged this on Faith….Trust…and Pixie Dust. and commented:
    something to think about..and smile 🙂

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