Traffic Of My Site Is Directly Proportional To My Mood

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This is going to sound extremely weird, crazy, strange & insane to you (just like everything else I say does), you may call it a coincidence but when something happens again & again, you don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore.

So what is this strange revelation that I have now come to know?

As you all know (or know not) that I work on – The Glamorous Magazine, what I have realized is that the traffic of my site depends on my mood.

😦 😦 😦

I told you, you’re gonna think I am insane.

But seriously… I have noted this a lot many times. When I am down, dull, not in mood, ill or sad, dooooooooooooooop drops the traffic of my site. When I am high n extremely happy, zooooooooooooooooop goes high the traffic of my site.

You would still think I am insane so I actually researched it a little.

The hours when I was talking to one of my childhood friend after so many years & was happy, within those hours the traffic of the site was high…Then when I was even more happier the next hour because I spoke to someone special (ahem ahem), the traffic was the highest in those hours as compared to the rest of the day.


Yeah I am clueless too… I am going to continue checking this out and when I am fully convinced, well I will be more confused. LOL…

I guess I need to be more happy now to keep the traffic good. haha

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6 thoughts on “Traffic Of My Site Is Directly Proportional To My Mood

  1. Maybe those *ahem ahem*’s are giving you some traffic (by sharing your site?).

    I have never noticed that effect on (my site), what I noticed was when my mood is not good I don’t work on my site (no SEO, no sharing, no tweaking of campaigns etc) and this results in less traffic but when my mood is good I share my website with friends, tweaks advertising campaigns etc and I’ll get more traffic.

    • Those ahem ahem isn’t sharing my site. And I don’t let my work pay for my mood swing. So whether I am angry, sad or happy, I do what I do daily without fail. So with everything remaining constant and just my mood being good or bad has always effected the traffic of my site. Like today I am really too happy and the traffic is awesome today. Nothing like it was in the past week.

      Don’t be jealous 😛

  2. curvyelvie

    It makes sense to me.

  3. curvyelvie

    I think you make a good point.

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