Let’s Try Something New, Aisha

Blind Folded Girl Reaching For Caged Heart

Let’s try something new, Aisha
Let’s try something different
Something you didn’t do for long
Something you say you wouldn’t

How about “Trust”?
I remember you did that once before
But that was such a long time ago
You should definitely try it once more

How about “Being Polite”
HAHA I know you’ve never done that
That should be fun to watch you do
B’coz it’s something you were never good at

How about “Love”
Hey, don’t make that weird puking face
If world was filled with people like you
I would be worried about the human race

How about “Smiling”
LISTEN!!! It’s not that hard to smile
Just push both your cheeks apart
You’ll get the hang of it in a while.

How about “being normal”
Umm..Okay this can be very hard for you
But talking about blood & ghosts
Isn’t what people normally do

Now now now, relax Aisha, BREATHE
I know this is freaking you out
But honey, I know you can do it
(oh boy!!! I really do doubt 🙂 )

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Try Something New, Aisha

  1. As always beautiful in rhythm n rhyme and you r master in concept grabbing from beginning till the last line. My perception about u is that at least you have sharing power (oh Lil Lady!!! I really believe in you )

    • Thank you. As always you have the master key to praising something. So much flattery, were you born with this skill or did you take some schooling in this 😛 😛 😛

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