How About Another Contest? All In Favor Raise Your Hands :)

I got some really deep images *self praises* and I thought *bulb lights on the head*, I should start a contest like I did before (Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…) and let you all write on it… I won’t be having the “comment on other’s content” rule anymore because I think it should come more as a self willing choice rather than forcing.

So all in favor raise your hands, take a picture of yourself with raised hand and send it out to me so I know you are in favor…

Lol…Kidding… (but if you want to, no one is stopping you 😛 😛 :P)

Just leave a comment below this post…Yes yes right where I made a sad puppy dog face…Ain’t I adorable enough to make you want to leave a comment 😛 😛 😛

I need 100 comments to motivate me to start the contest. LOL… Kidding again ( may be I am not :P)

P.S : Please forward the link to as many bloggers you know. The more the merrier.

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2 thoughts on “How About Another Contest? All In Favor Raise Your Hands :)

  1. i’m ready My craze-Wise Lil-lady for another exciting contest My both hands r raised and i’m typing with my feet ,Lol

    • HAHAHA. I really laughed out loud at this.

      Now you better clean your keyboard with a sanitizer. lol

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