Common Sense Is So Rare, It Should Be Called Super Sense

Rest In Peace Common Sense - Grave

Whether I say “make a cake” 
Or I say “bake a cake” 
It is still going to rhyme
And it will still mean the same thing,

So why should I bother rephrasing, restructuring & restating my point with more phrases, punctuation, idiom, quotes and more words when my simple broken 4 worded statement makes perfect sense and is absolutely clear to you as well :S :S :S

No seriously, what are you? The Sentence Police? 

I talk in broken statements even though they may be grammatically wrong, because then I don’t have to waste time bothering to frame it first. It makes my conversation more instant n smooth. But the point is, you understand it.  

When I say “drop some drink in ice,” You see I am holding a glass of drink in my hand and it ain’t got no ice in it, so it’s common sense that I am asking for some ice in my drink. Why do you, OH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY,

“Oh what you mean is, drop some ice in your drink, is that what you mean?” 

Huh, seriously, you people lack common sense…Common sense has become so rare, it should be called SUPER SENSE. 

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5 thoughts on “Common Sense Is So Rare, It Should Be Called Super Sense

  1. “drop some drink in ice” SERIOUSLY?

  2. If you don’t want me to pick your ice container and spill some milk on it, you better be clear 😉

    It’s a joke, obviously. If I know you talk in that unclear way, I might adapt and apply common sense, yet ask for confirmation in delicate times where common sense tells clarity is required, to remove ambiguity and know for sure.

    • Aaah… If only we had taxes on each word we used people would be so much like me…

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