It’s Been 4 Months…Where The Hell Have I Been???

Girl In Middle Of The Desert Alone

Haha funny question. Well not that funny I guess.

First, omygosh did you totally forget who I was. Here is a reminder. Do you remember that silly, stupid, goofy, paranormal n crazy girl who talks about ghosts all the time because she has seen them?

Oh no no no that’s not me…Now why in the world would you think like that. I am that innocent, smart and absolutely and totally normal girl you have ever come across in the whole wide world *nose increases 10 yards long*


So I had been out of country visiting the rest of my family and boy what an awesome time I had. Mostly because of my 1.5 year old nephew who has just learnt to walk and calls me Sittta instead of Aisha. He is like the most adorable kid (to everyone their own kid…I know I know..) 

I got so busy looking at him running around in the house talking gibberish child language and mimicking everyone in the house. Whether you sneeze, laugh, cough or even blow your nose in a tissue, he is your echo. His favorite poem being “Wheel On The Bus Goes Round n Round,” and he has learnt it too well. Stop by a word and pop comes the next word from him.


oppps forgot to mention… My bad. His name is Ahmad.

Being with him has been the most beautiful days of my life and now I know how special every niece and nephew are to those who have them.

And if your siblings don’t have any 😛 😛 :P, don’t be so selfish now, give them the chance to play with their niece and nephew too 😛 😛 :P.

Sooooooooooo there you go. I have been busy with Ahmad, devoting my time to him and grabbing the moments while I still can. But now that I am back…. Good luck to you b’coz your the one going to read whatever that I write. Haha 😛

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13 thoughts on “It’s Been 4 Months…Where The Hell Have I Been???

  1. Muhammed Ovais Alam

    So we have to read those loooooooong silly posts again?

    by the way the “leave a comment” box is broken.

  2. Hey ash … I dont know where the hell have u been … But atleast stop being this and be what you are … Even i have stopped missing u now … U know its been 2 years since the last time u spoke 2 me :@

    • Ouch… Now that is going to bruise real bad.
      I have been right here man. Not gone anywhere. And we spoke a few months back, If my memory ain’t that bad.

      • Yeah but that were nothibg more but 2 or maybe three texts …. Atleast i tried your number more than a couple of times but all went in vain 😦

        • I was out of country dude… May be if you had sent a text I would have got your hold. Anyway not the perfect place to talk about this 😛 😛 😛

  3. lovely post. the kind that cheers up no matter what a tiring day one has had.
    Ahmad sounds absolutely lovable. Looking at children grow is such a wondrous journey 🙂
    May he be blessed. all the best to you too

  4. Thanks God you made this post. For some time, I considered you might have really been on a mental institution during these months, as you said on the first new post from you I found, lol.

    • Who knows 😛 May be I was there and I am lying about it here…Who knows…Who knows HAHA

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