I Finally Meet My Stalker Ghost For The First Time… For Real

Cloud Of Smoke In Human Figure

First, I want to apologize to all my fellow bloggers for not being able to read your blogs or comment upon them even though I have been so tempted with all the emails I received when you posted the blog. I will be reading them very soon when I catch my breath from work and other stuff going around.

Second, sorry I have been so off from making blogs as I have been juggling work, shopping for travelling & supernatural stuff.

It’s been a very very very crazy week for me and a lot has happened.

One of which being my encounter with a ghost for the first time. Previously in “Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide” I told you that every night at a certain time there is this one place outside my work room where I feel someone is standing.

Well I am honored to tell you that I have met that someone.

It so happened that I am in my work room from 12 am to until 3 am every night. And I feel this someone standing outside of my room right next to my bedroom and looking at me.

That specific day, I kinda fell asleep at 11 pm and woke up at 1 am. Realizing I missed an hour of work, I came to my work room and switched on the laptop then went into my room to get changed.

Soon as I stepped inside my bedroom I felt the urge to turn around and I did and got startled. 


He/it was standing right behind me and just 3 steps away.

It was not in human form. Like a shadow or ball of black smoke in human figure (shape only). 

As soon as I saw him/it, he/it ran off through the opposite wall which was my kitchen. I ran behind him to see if he/it was there in the kitchen but he/it wasn’t. I checked my entire house then but there were no traces.

People ask me if I got scared. Well at that time I only got startled as you get startled when you just happen to see anyone behind you but I wasn’t scared. To think about it now, I admit, it does kinda freak me out but what happened yesterday was even more weird.

Stay tuned for the next weird story.

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10 thoughts on “I Finally Meet My Stalker Ghost For The First Time… For Real

  1. curvyelvie

    I love it the ghost is revealing himself to you. I cannot wait to read the next post. I love a good ghost story.

    • Aaah I feel too bad for not finding time to write the next ghost story. It had happened just a few days after this one. I will be writing it soon.

  2. Just got back from a month-long hiatus 🙂 Hope to read more of your blogs, Aisha 😀 Yeaaaay!

    • Glad to see you here. feeling so uneasy. Got so many things to write about but unable to find time 😦

      • that’s ok. there’s always time for everything 🙂 don’t fret. hahaha just saying that i miss you LOL!

  3. Hi there, after a looong time, the picture contest to be precise. How u been? My life has basically gone into a whirlwind and came out successfuly. Now back to writing. I just posted my most fav yet shortie in my blog – diamondthread.com, hope to get a review from u soon, this is about a war as seen thro the eyes of an innocent kid.
    Did y hve any more story competitions? Keep writing.

    • Hey, its so nice to see you again. And I am so happy to see you back. I haven’t been doing much on wordpress these days as I am myself too entangled with life but will definitely snatch time to read your new stuff.

  4. Aisha! Hope you’re feeling much better already, and your crazy week has come to a peaceful ending. I’m sorry for being late to write you a proper thank you post for listing me as one of your favorite bloggers. I hope this posts makes it up 🙂 Have a blessed week my dear :Thank you Aisha of Aisha’s Scrapyard!!!

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