Media Is A Religious Discriminator And I Object It…

Muslim Extremist News Headlines

(Pun Intended)

This brings me to yet another blog on religion (something I don’t really like to do since I believe a person’s religion should never be a matter of discrimination).

I don’t really feel like saying much right now. I guess I am out of words or may be I am just thinking if it is going to make any difference at all or perhaps I am not sure why this really happens. It makes me sad really and I am truly heart broken today.

I was doing a blog on Glamzzle, “Lady Gaga Banned In Indonesia – Wrong Or Justified?” and previously I had done a similar blog on  “Lady Gaga And Others Banned In China“. 

As I was finding out information to frame the story, I realized how things had been quoted earlier for Ban by China And Ban By South Korea and how different they were quoted for Ban by Indonesia.

I am going to show you how one website quotes the story differently.

While quoting ban in China:

China’s communist rulers have banned Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and the Backstreet Boys’ from their radio playlists ‘to preserve national security’.

The authoritarian Chinese government carefully screens the content of all imported entertainment content for political messages or commentary that runs contrary to its official line.

Entire Story HERE

If you read the entire story, you don’t get to read words such as “Chinese Extremists.” You don’t see any images of Chinese Government nor do you read any word that talks about religion.

While quoting ban in South Korea by Christians:

According to South East Asia Real Time Munarman, who like many Indonesians goes by just one name and is a spokesman for ultra-conservative Islamic Defenders Front, known for its staunch opposition to vice and liberalism, said: ‘Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her. She is promoting the worship of Satan.’

There have been protests in South Korea by Christians as well but nothing much has been said on it, no Images have been shown and you don’t read words such as “Christian Extremists.”

Wile quoting a Protest in Philippines by Christians:

“A rally was organized by several Christian youths on Friday in hopes of getting Gaga’s concerts scheduled for next week in Pasay City canceled.”

Entire Story Here

While quoting ban in Indonesia by Muslims:

Provocative pop diva Lady Gaga may be forced to cancel her Indonesia concert after police refused her a permit following protests by Islamic extremists…..

Entire Story Here

You can see how terms such as “Islamic Extremist” has been used and there also is a woman in Nakaab (covered face) holding a sign poster.

This isn’t just this news. I have been looking into this Religious Discrimination from Media from a very long time.

Every time a non muslim man kills his wife, steals a bank or does something wrong, the news headlines are as simple as, “A Man Kills His Wife Over Money In Los Angeles.”

But boy, If that same crime is done by a Muslim, the news headlines go something like, “A Muslim Extremist Kills His Wife Over Money,” and then there is also the reasons mentioned in the headline itself.

When a Non Muslim man kills his Wife, Notice that their religion is never mentioned in throughout the news. The reason is not told in the headlines even thought one of these killings is just because the wife was leaving her husband so he killed her.

But When a Muslim man kills his Wife, Notice that the religion is always mentioned in the headlines. The reason is also mentioned even though it makes up huge headlines.

I have even noticed that words such as “heartlessly”, “brutally” etc are used when quoting a Muslim’s news. And then there is this word “Terrorist” that I mostly see standing tall with “Muslim/Islamic” and never with any other religion.

My question to the media is,

When a Non-Muslim commits a crime, his religion is never put in the headlines or is never referred to as an Extremist but when the same crime is done by a Muslim, why does it become so important for you to mention his religion and titling him as an Islamic Extremist or Muslim Extremist?

P.S: Hoping to see that I am not alone in this.
P.S2 : I guess tomorrow’s headline will be “A Muslim Extremist Objects The Media On Religion Discrimination???”

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15 thoughts on “Media Is A Religious Discriminator And I Object It…

  1. Moiz Sheikh

    nice question but NO ONE WILL GONNA ANSWER IT. The words Extremist and Terrorist are just reserve for Muslims.

  2. uzma

    yes it is true..this so called liberal media actually discriminates humans in each aspects n now a days they r only fond of word ” muslim”
    such propaganda or what ever it is has made us hesitate even to say wrong is wrong or right is right..because its never gonna taken in a positive manner…

  3. curvyelvie

    Hey Girl I just tagged you on a blog a few days ago. Your it!

    • Oh I am so sorry, Actually I am strangely not able to access your page which is why I haven’t been able to read any of your blogs 😦

  4. what makes this even more sad is that this negative attitude towards muslims is causing a strange atmosphere to develop in the muslim communities as well, every time i go to america to meet family and their muslim family friends discover that im from pakistan they look at me like im abt to bomb the place.. 😦

    • Yeah that really happens a lot. I specifically feel so discriminated at the airports. It’s annoying. Btw, please check your spam comments. I commented on your blog page but it got spammed.

      • yeah i checked it out thanks for commenting i dont know whats going on with it but i hope it doesnt last…btw i had no idea we wernt allowed to draw faces but i checked with a few people and your right so thanks for that as well…

    • Moiz Sheikh

      ahhh u are wrong. Its happening in Pakistan as well. Police and other security forces are doubting on our Aalim, muftis or whoever have a beard. Not even police but everyone who is not religious are doubting and passing abusive comments on religious peoples. I dont think so that i have to mention more because u know it as well. We lost our faith thats y it is happening with us

      • That’s because most religious people are spreading wrong islam. The recent trends of dancing on naats is all around. And so many groups have formed (one of the signs of Qayamat) and each group is trying to walk ahead of the other by introducing new stuff.

        So the best way to be a muslim in my opinion is to Follow the sayings of Quran, Hadeeth and Sunnah.

        • Moiz Sheikh

          Yes we have many different Fiqah and other groups but not a single group teaches us to kill any innocent people.
          We should follow the Quran and Hadeeth and Sunnah but who will explain us those things in details???
          Its not happening in this era but its happening since Islam borns. Even these propaganda’s happened in the era of Muhammad saww. But that time every muslim had a strong faith and now we havent sadly 😦

  5. to each his own i say there is also a saying inthe quran that goes like tis “let there be no compulsion in religion” following that i think we should just concentrate on our own faith and stay true to that i know im not the most perfect muslim around, sometimes i miss namaz but that doesnt mean i stop believing in Allah the current state of muslim communities should just be taken as a test from Allah for us

    • Moiz Sheikh

      thats what i said, we can leave our prayers/salat/namaz without any hesitation and our own soul let us do it. Now ask ur self, is it ur faith? u are leaving one of ur faraeez without any hesitation and we will not be punished for this on the day of judgement as well as here 😛
      Remember Allah by himself said, “if u’ll do, what i want then i’ll give you whatever u want/wish but if u’ll do whatever u want then i’ll make ur way harder and harder (even impossible) and in the end u’ll do what i want.
      why we arent doing for Allah’s will? why we are doing for our own selves and desires?

      i dont know where do you live but somedays ago Altaf Hussain does his first women convention and i got really upset after seeing that BE HAYAEE in that convention and thought, thats y we are in this situation and we are even better, we should be in more difficulties and we are deserving penalty (Azaab).

      Ummat of Hazrat Loot A.S had been punished with 5 different types of penalties/azaab just because Indecency/be hayaee.

      Now a day, we proudly listen kufirya Songs and watch non sense videos, do dating, teasing others etc etc. Even sheikh-ul-Islam Tahir ul Qadri pass the fatwa of MUSIC IS HALAL.

      We should see our own defects rather than to say something to others. As i said in my first post, we should show Kafir/non muslims by our ACTION that we are muslim. They wont understand if we’ll keep say this, we have to show them by our ACTS

  6. Moiz Sheikh

    we will be punished*

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