The Man That Laughed On Others

Man Laughing - Haha

He was standing right by the palm tree on the Clausogear Beach having strokes of laughter. Sometimes he just smiled, sometimes he giggled and sometimes, boy he was so crazily laughing that someone would have called the Rehab Centers.

I went up to him and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing… that man *pointing to a man in water* who is trying to surf…… I have been watching…… him for about an hour now… He can’t f***ing surf and he keeps …… falling and hitting the water…..What a failure.” He answered my question with several breaks of laughter.

Indeed there was a man in the water who kept falling from his surf board among some professional surfers. He kept falling and falling in a lot of flips and turns, crashing on his face and on his back.

I couldn’t  find it funny at all so I walked away to get home while the man continued to laugh as the noob surfer failed.

Several months later, I saw that man again standing by the palm tree on the Clausogear Beach and this time his strokes of laughter were even wilder and more hysterical. I am sure if someone had called the Rehab Center, he was in for sure.

I went up to him again and asked, “What are you laughing at now?”

“I am laughing at that boy…..*pointing towards a young boy in water*…Do you see how…… funny it is, that he can’t …….. even stand on this board ……when the waves come….. I must have watched him ………fall face off in the water …….a million times now….”

He answers me again with more pauses for laughter making it uneasy to understand what he was actually saying.

Indeed there was a young boy who could hardly stand on his surf board and fell in water even before making a full stand.

This time I broke into laughter too. My laughter was wilder than his. I was laughing like I had laughed never before. He looked at me in surprise ( I guess he thought no one could beat him in laughing).

He said, “Hahaha You would find it funny too. Such a loser.”

“Yeah such a loser. But I aint laughing at him?”

“Ooooo Do you see a bigger dumb head than this one? I don’t see anyone else falling. They are all professionally surf boarding.”

“Yes I see a dumbhead and he is standing right next to me.”

Furious and agitated, his laughing face turned into a serious streak of anger as he asked me why I said so.

“Its funny because months before, you were standing in the same place laughing at a man who was failing. Months later you are still standing where you were laughing at someone else while the man you were laughing at is right over there, professionally surfing.

And you know what. Months later this young boy will join the team of professionals, while you still stand here laughing at someone else.

I have never seen a bigger failure than you.”


Failures will always find failures to laugh at never appreciate them for trying.

People who laugh at others stay where they are while people they keep laughing on move forward.

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3 thoughts on “The Man That Laughed On Others

  1. uzma

    impressive piece of writing:)

  2. girlinveil15

    hmm again a thought provoking blog my craze-wise lil-lady

  3. girlinveil15

    hmm again a thought provoking one my craze-wise lil-lady:-)

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