I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

Girl Looking At Reflection In Mirror

I live under your skin
Under the skin of every human
A blood sucking monster may be?
May be I am a demon

I have my red eyes fix on you
And it goes where ever you go
I watch your actions profoundly
And note whatever you sow

Where ever you go, whatever you see
How so ever you are striving
I have an evil plan in mind
And know that I am writing

And when I have watched enough
It’s my turn to play a game
You have no idea what I can do
What I can proclaim

I am evil, ferocious and heartless
And I will make you pay
I will turn your life a living hell
With pains that overweight

I will put you under heavy debts
And take away your health
With that I will also take
Happiness, peace and wealth

You will become so desperate
To have a few hours of sleep
But I will keep you awake all night
And watch you as you weep

I will make you miserable
And no friends would help you
Some may try but they will fail
No matter what they do

Do you hate me when I tell this?
Do you think I am ugly?
Do you think I am wicked?
And you never ever want to see me?

But do you know who I am?
I am the plant of your seeds
I am the REAL YOU
Your karma, your evil deeds

Stand in front of a mirror, today
And look past your fake perfection
You will see me right in there
In your very own reflection

– Aisha Aka Ash

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13 thoughts on “I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Oh dear God! I hope that when we stand in front of the mirror and look deep we will see something that makes us smile not afraid!!!! But you are totally right! great poetry, reaches directly into the soul and makes us shiver and definitely makes us want to double check our behaviors and deeds!

    • Thank you Rana. I hope so too that when we look into the Mirror we can see a beautiful us. The good thing here is, those who wish to actually see their true reflection in mirror are the ones whose conscious is still alive and there is still hope.

  3. Oh my god Aisha if i look in the mirror and see that image that will do it..rest of the life will be spent in a psychiatric ward…
    Jokes apart..loved the poetry…beautiful thought provoking write up
    Hugs 🙂

    • From your words I can say that if you look into the mirror, you are going to see a very lively and beautiful reflection :). Thank you for such a lovely comment.

  4. girlinveil15

    hmm we are no more able to see our true reflection because we r hidding it under heavy layers of artificality. ur way of describing it is self revealing itself im sure after reading it every one will remind his or her karma without even seeing in mirror

  5. girlinveil15

    very precise and effective piece of poetry ash:-)

  6. Willow

    Is there any way I could use this picture for a story? It’s on wattpad (this website where you write stuff), and I would really love to use this picture for the cover

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