That’s How Trained Robots We Are At Multitasking

Sometime’s while working, I happen to have quick moments of giggle and appreciation at myself. Why? you’ll know soon 🙂

If I asked you to do an accounts audit with one hand while making dumplings from the other hand, you would say I am crazy and that it is impossible. Perhaps a robot would be able to do that if he was programmed that way?

Let me tell you, It is possible for you too because you are a robot yourself and a very trained one too. You may ask why em I passing such vague theories. May be it’s the work load, a head injury or may be its my medicine (that I forgot to take today?).

But here is what makes me say all this and I know many of you will relate to it.

I have more tabs opened than I usually have. Yes, its more work these days. With more than 15 tabs opened on Chrome,a  photoshop software, 2 folders and 1 excel sheet opened below, what the heck em I doing?

At one place I am writing a blog for site, at other I am testing a site, on another I am finding essentials for a work, another one where I am googling images for the blog, at photoshop I am editing the images and watermarking them, on excel sheet I am preparing the xyz sheet by switching over the 2 folders and extracting data, then I am searching for top news for my other blog and I am also writing this very blog at the same.

Did I mention I am also chatting on Hotmail and also on Gmail while doing all that and not to mention the frequent phone calls or text messages that need to be taken care of ASAP. I am switching from one to another every 10 seconds.

Does all that sound similar to you? Yeah I know it sounds very similar. It sounds exactly like you 🙂

And that is exactly when I stopped myself today and giggled at myself. What a multitasking robot have I become?

We all take ourselves for granted and assume that whatever we are doing is nothing special. But that’s not true. Everything that you do, makes you special. And there is no such thing as a failed person really. There is only a person who hasn’t trained himself well to be an achiever.

When you do a lot of things and your boss does not appreciate you, do you feel bad? But your boss is treating you exactly how you treat yourself. You are a person who does so many things all at once sitting on a place and yet you don’t appreciate yourself? Now that’s really bad of you.

You were not born with that talent. You were able to do it because you trained yourself for it. This is exactly what everything else is all about. TRAINING. You can do whatever you want and be whatever you like with simply training yourself to be better.

So today, when you multitask at work, stop for a moment, giggle at yourself for having been such a wonderful smart robot and appreciate yourself coz you are a wonderfully special robot who can do wonders 🙂

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3 thoughts on “That’s How Trained Robots We Are At Multitasking

  1. I am not praising myself nor I want to show/present myself as a SUPER human but ’15 tabs on Chrome, photoshop, 2 folders and 1 excel sheet’ is nothing compared to my ’60+ tabs in Firefox | Chrome | Opera, Photoshop CS3, Some Proxy softwares, Skype, TweetDeck, WAMP, SQLyog, FileZilla, Windows Live Mail, Notepad++, 5 folders and 7 txt files 🙂 and I am sure people out there are using more softwares/apps/tabs on their PC’s.

    I was famous for my ’60+ tabs’ on different browsers in my office 🙂 Alhamdullilah I am very good at multitasking (want to learn?).

    I feel more like a robot when I have to do some research for my production site. I usually skip my dinner/lunch/events/parties when I have to do some work.

    • Yes that was exactly the purpose of writing this blog. To make people aware how talented and skilled they all are. Most of us do this at a very high level but non of us appreciate our own selves thinking it is nothing special when in fact it is.

      P.S: Do you also get up to stir something on stove, flip kababs in the frying pan, wash the dishes 😛 ?

      • I appreciate myself whenever I learn new thing, complete anything (usually related to work) on schedule, got new achievement | award etc.

        P,S 🙂
        Alhamdullilah I am very good at cooking Eggs, kabaabs and some curries. I usually wash my dishes after eating lunch and dinner.

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