11 Most Funny And Cliched Stuff In Horror Thriller Movies

Funny Horror Movie Cliches

I was going through a post by one my writers, 21 Things I Have Learnt From The Movies and it made me laugh real hard. And although they were mockery at the movies, they really are what we see in the movies and it’s kind of very funny.

My most favorite point was Point # 12. Haha. So damn true.

Anyway so to continue with that topic, Here are somethings I have learnt from EVERY horror thriller movie :

1. If a group of you friends are in a spooky house, forest, mountain etc and you see something unusual. Casually start following it, instead of intelligently alerting the others.

2. If you’re a girl and you hear something outside the house and decide to follow it. You only have time to wear a shirt and walk outside in your best underwear.

P.S: If you do that, you’ll end up running like that in the entire movie.

3. If your house is haunted by evil spirits and you know it, it is always better that you leave your 1-year-old kid in his room alone, close the light and shut the door before leaving. You have kissed on his forehead, that is enough to keep the evil away. Why in the world would you think of letting him sleep with you for a night?

4. When running in a forest with a serial monster killer chasing you, ALWAYS split up. Never go together as a group.

5. If your 5-year-old daughter tells you that there are ghosts in the house and they are hurting her, DO NOT BELIEVE her until you have been personally attacked by a ghost/monster.

6. Use your pistol on the ghosts. The new pistols now comes equipped with killing the ghosts too.

7. When a stalker killer is on the loose, always forget to lock at least one door or a window.

8. If you are being stalked by a killer, always run into the forest and not to a Police Station or any crowded place.

9. When you get caught by a ghost or a killer, scream “LET ME GO” or “LEAVE ME ALONE.” They have been chasing you for the entire 90 minutes of the movie, I am sure he’ll say, “Oh well okay, you can go. Be safe though. Bye.”

10. When asked, “Is everything okay?” while you are being chased by a scary lunatic man with a knife in his hand, it is better that you pretend to be brave at first and say that you are alright until you are badly injured.

11. What looks cute in the beginning will never be cute in the end.

Things I Think While Watching A Horror Movie

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7 thoughts on “11 Most Funny And Cliched Stuff In Horror Thriller Movies

  1. javeeria

    😀 hahahahahaha i totally agree…honestly I want to see some really scary stuff but movies like grudge and exorcist dont come anymore

    • Yes exactly. We want more of Exorcism and not those funny horror movies that give you giggles.

  2. girlinveil15

    hahahahahahah really awsome ash:-)

  3. girlinveil15

    hahahahaa its really awsome:-)

  4. being a huge horror movie buff, i totally agree with this :O i mean its like every movie they make now is a joke :/ we need more movies like the ring, exorcism of emily rose, mirrors, and shutter too come on!! 😛
    but no matter how good the movie is, we will always find ourselves screaming at the screen and yelling the girl “NOT TO “GO OUT THERE/DOWN THERE/ OPEN THAT DOOR/LOOK UNDER THE BED”

    • I don’t understand why horror movies have to be stupid… Almost 90% of the horror movies are stupid…. You want to talk horror, make more of exorcism….You want to talk thriller mystery, make more of CUBE.
      OH I love CUBE…. have you seen them?

      • iv seen exorcism of emily rose, the last exorcism, the devil inside 😛 u name it iv seen every horror movie imaginable even if i do regret it later 😛
        the cube i have NOT seen and since u mentioned it, ill see it 😀

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