My Very First OFFICIAL & COMPLETE Experience Of A Lucid Dream…

Girl In A Lucid Dream

Omagosh you have no idea how excited I was this morning when I woke up. Although honestly, I was completely blank and confused at first. Nothing was coming back to my memory about my dreams and I started wondering if the Lucid Dream was real or did I just dream about having a lucid dream Lol.

Anyway, so here is my first ever 100% experience of a Lucid Dream.

I wake up in a house (I say wake up coz you usually just wake up in a dream 😛 ) and I have my family in that house. We are purchasing some electronic machine from a man who has come home to install it.

Quickly I realize that I am dreaming (although I do not know how. I didn’t even use my Totem. Would have been happier if I did 😦 ) and I start getting all excited about it.

I am not a selfish person so I decide to share my happiness with my family (projections) :P. I tell my mom that I am dreaming, this is all a dream but of course she wouldn’t listen to me. That’s so typical of our dream projections. Haha

While purchasing the machine, my mom has this feeling that the machine has faults and she asks the salesman to which he says that it’s absolutely fine.

To prove that the salesman may be wrong, What do I do then?


I go over to the machine and say, “Hey you ( no I didn’t really say that. It sounds rude), Do you have any faults in you?

And the lid of the machine, forms a mouth and says in a heavy voice, “No I have no faults.”

Boy I still remember that voice.


After having helped my family purchase a fine faultless machine, I ask myself, “What is that one thing I always wanted to do in a dream?”

The answer was instant. “FLYYYYYYYYYY.” 

So I jump out of the window.

I did have some difficulty in flying, I must say but whether I flew perfectly or not is still mystery because the dream started crashing and when I was flying, everything around me started turning black.

I guess my dream manager did not create the dream atmosphere outside. He didn’t know I was gonna jump out. It wasn’t what he planned. HAHA.

This is like my first ever complete Lucid Dream and em so terribly happy. I DID IT. Yayyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeee

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11 thoughts on “My Very First OFFICIAL & COMPLETE Experience Of A Lucid Dream…

  1. Day Dreamer

    omagosh!! 😛
    I’ve been waiting 4 so long 4 this post, it almost feels like i done it myself lolz

    btw i wonder if therez any side effects to this whole lucid dreaming thing u kno?
    lesser concentration, headaches, unattentiveness, werewolf syndrome?

    • Awe you were. I was actually caught up with a few other meditative stuff so I had this on hold. I just started on it since past 4 days and here it is.

      Oh there ain’t no side effects at all. Well, you might in the start, as I did. Because basically you have to keep your mind AWAKE and Conscious all the time, even when you sleep. So you may have headache in morning.

      But this “awake and consciousness” will help you in all fields of life. Sharp brain, strong intuition, good memory etc.

      As for Lucid Dreaming, the only side effect is that you are going to LOVE sleeping 😛 😛 😛 and you will get up excited and happy like a Kid does when he is back from Disney Land 🙂

  2. uzma


  3. Cool! You made it! 🙂

    Mmmm… Next time, don’t stop when everything turns black around you in a lucid dream! I’ve had that happen to me several times. From my own experience, it’s not the end of the conscious dreaming experience, but it might be the end of that particular dream environment.

    From there, I got either into another dream (full-colored visually rich environment again), or into what I think is somewhere in the astral realm (gray scale tinted real place, but not exactly as it should be in reality, lighted with dim ambient – non-directional – light). But the gray colored environment usually turns fast into just another dream, in color, and it no longer feels like real anymore.

    • Oh I see. But when my dream turned black, I lost my control over my consciousness. I guess I fell back in deep sleep. I need more practice to be able to have complete control 😦

      Thanks for your inside information. I don’t like the grey dream environment 🙂

      • Don’t worry… as it happened to you the first time, it will probably happen to you again. Then, you just stay conscious by breathing consciously, feeling your body or something. And you just do whatever you feel like, sometimes I got imagery again by moving my dream body or by the intention to see.

        Mmm… you try to have control? 🙂 Only when we don’t care about controlling things is when we actually have real power to affect them. Take into account that trying hard will wake you up. So it’s more practical to just relax and let things happen. From that calmness you’ll have your power of intention, to change things at will without much effort.

        By the way, I can share a few tricks about flying in dreams, I have experience on that. I also faced frustrations there :p

        • Oh that would really be great. I would love to know anything possible in this matter. My flying was bad too. I could feel it, although everything around was dark, I couldn’t make out if I was on ground or in sky.

          And thank you so very much for all your help and tips. I really appreciate them and looking forward to hear more.

          • You’re welcome, Aisha 🙂

            In that darkness, same as anywhere else, I could notice the relative position of my body in relation to where the ground would be.

            Sharing my tips to fly in dreams here could make this comment very long, I think. Mmmm… maybe I write a blog post about it, and I’ll share the link with you when I have it ready.

            • Yes that would be really perfect. Also if you could write about some quick tips on it because I am finding it hard to have a lucid dream these days due to a lot of other commitments related to these things.

  4. Loved it. Especially the picture. That picture is strange. It’s the most accurate picture to describe the weird haziness of a dream I’ve ever seen.

  5. When you are awake inside the dream you can beginn to watch the dream
    unfold. Your goal as a lucid dreamer is to maintain your awareness
    without wakinng up; most importantly you must control
    the dream. But when you get into the habit of regularly
    checking on your state of reality, you might usually begin doing the same thing inside your
    dreams too.

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