Ferrari Ferrari, You Drive Me Crazy

Ferrari 2011 Model

Ferrari Ferrari
You drive me crazy

Whenever I look at you
With someone else
My heart flips and burns
And em sure it also swells

I keep looking at you
Hoping you would notice me
But you speed boost off the road
While I am still in my Audi

The way you flip your headlights
The sound of your turbo engine
Your sexy looking exhaust
Makes me go frozen

The guy you are with
Doesn’t even love you
For I saw him with Infinity,
Volvo, Benz and BMW

You’re just a piece of collection
For that rich as*hole dude
He throws you off when you’re hit
And returns when you’re good

Baby, he ain’t the one for you
You deserve all care and time
Don’t you see I love you
How I wish you were mine

Ferrari Ferrari
You drive me crazy
Ferrari Ferrari
You belong to me

– Aisha

P.S: It’s just so hard to see the one you love so much pass by you in flick of a second not even giving you enough time to review it properly 😦 😦 😦

Life is too harsh.

I need to rob a bank and get that money 😦 😦 😦

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