Confessions, Confessions, Confessions

Girl Crying With Bambi Eyes

I confess that I am breaking up with Michael Scofield because I am now in love with Dean Winchester.
Sorry Micheal, I hope you try to move on 😛 😛 😛

I confess that I killed an ant a few days back, burnt rather :(.
I had match stick in my hand and saw an ant. Instantly my hand moved towards the ant to see what happens. The heat touched the ant and it started crippling in pain. Then I had to burn it to end its agony. Now I feel bad, I do 😦 

I confess that I am a foodoholic. I eat a lot specially at night. If you come into my room at night ( not that you are allowed to, at that time :P) you will find me surrounded with chips, chocolates, cakes, juices, water and empty bowls of food I ate from.

I confess that I do not know how to cook boiled rice. Yeah, I don’t because I never had/ have the need to cook. That’s not my job. I only eat. That’s my job and I am doing it pretty well.

I confess that I am an extremist person. When I love, I love unconditionally, when I hate, I hate uncontrollably. Nothing in between. If I wear flip flops; they need to be totally flat, if I wear heel; they need to be 4 inches. No short heels. If I eat spicy; it need to be burning hot, if I eat plain; it needs to have not even pepper.

I confess that life is not that bad after all unless you are whining about it all the time. If you look at every problem as a challenge, life becomes a solution.

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3 thoughts on “Confessions, Confessions, Confessions

  1. Aisha I love you but Dean is mine..pls go back to Michael….

    • Oh no no no no no. That is not possible now. I have walked a long way in his love now. Going back is not possible anymore 🙂

  2. uzma

    thats it…so few confessions!!! i want to read more

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