Women Are All SuperWomen Inside… Dare To Switch Roles?


You get up in the morning to find that she is already awake. She gets up an hour earlier to make breakfast and lunch boxes. Soon as you get dressed and reach the breakfast table, she serves you with hot coffee (if you like hot, otherwise she will make sure its warm enough for you) and the breakfast of your choice.

While you are sitting on the chair, reading a newspaper and having breakfast, she is still running up and down the house getting you your wallet, belt, briefcase, tie etc.

When you get up and start walking towards the door, she has her eyes locked upon you, waiting for you to turn back, and say “I love you honey” to brighten up her day.

And you do turn back, only to say,Β “Honey, can you get me my blue file. I forgot it on the dressing table.”

She runs to the bedroom and brings you back your file and then you leave without a simple “Thank You.”

While you reach your office and sit on the office chair preparing projects, chart sheets or having a meeting with your boss, She is head over heels in cleaning, dusting, laundry, vacuum cleaning, cooking, picking grocery etc.

Then she goes to the market to get your daughter’s fancy dress costume and your son’s project charts.

The kids are back home. She gives them lunch, cleans the table, does dishes and then helps the kids with homework or an upcoming exam.

And it’s 7 o’clock, you get up from your office chair and sit in the car to drive back home.Β Your wife rushes to the shower, spends half hour thinking what should she wear to light you up and gets ready for you.

When you come back home, she puts off all traces of tiredness and back ache, gives you a smiling welcome and asks, ‘Hey!!! How was your day?”

“Too tired. Had a lot of work.”

P.S To Men : Oh This was just an exaggeration. Nothing true really πŸ™‚

P.S To Women : No it’s really all true πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Women Are All SuperWomen Inside… Dare To Switch Roles?

  1. Ridha

    Truuuuuuuue!!! πŸ™‚

  2. its all true!
    all we need is despite how busy our partners are, to be reminded how we special and be love…simply made our day!

    • Oh yes you are so right. Just a simple appreciation deletes all the signs of stress and tiredness just like a ctrl+alt+del button πŸ™‚

  3. Girl in veil

    oh again a unique topic from my craze-wise lil-lady. i loved the way u explained the reality. so true:-)

  4. well written aisha, the last two lines are joke but that made the post a bit light.

    • Thank You.

      Yeah, I didn’t want all the men to attack me with guns and swords. Safety first πŸ™‚

  5. uzma

    true but should also represent the other side of the picture..to work outside and earn money for whole family is not so easy but yes i do agree that now a days women r more multitasking…

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