The Burden Of Living A Life Aimlessly

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Every night when I go to bed, A heavy burden sets upon my heart as I ask myself, “What did I do in my entire day?”

Now perhaps this question may end you up with million of answers of what you did in your entire day, but ponder over the question again. What did you really do in your entire day?

I am not talking about eating, working, studying, cooking etc. These are normal stuff. Everyone does it. These are the stuff within the box. But what have you done to go beyond your box?

Have you done anything productive that matters truly a lot?
Have you saved any life today?
Have you accomplished any goal?
Did you fulfill any dream?

Did you do anything that may, perhaps, call some self appreciation? 

Blessed are those people who can find an honest answer to this question that properly satisfies their consciousness.

But for those, like me, I guess, who do not find any answer to this question will find themselves beneath the burden of living a life so aimlessly that spending everyday of the life is a waste.

When I ask myself every night, “What did I do in my entire day, today?”, I find myself guilty, embarrassed, sad, broke and pathetic in my own eyes. What did I do today? I got up, I went over to work online, had my glass of juice on desk, strolled a little here and there in the house, lunch, work, dinner, net surfing, sleep.

Well, If I am not that sleepy, I might send healing energy to my relatives and then around the world through Reiki, but that isn’t enough to satisfy my guilt.

Is this how I am really am going to spend the rest of my life?

There are so many things on my list that I wish to do and em sure there are so many things on your things-to-do list too, but are we really doing them? Or even trying?

Trust me people, the sleep that a poor man gets after having sweat in the hot summer making bricks and bringing home a small box of sweets from the earned money for his children, is the sleep that a million would die for.

Don’t drag yourself through everyday of your life. There is still time. Still time to make your life worth it.

But if that time goes away, then you will not be able to survive the burden of guilt of having wasted your life.

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11 thoughts on “The Burden Of Living A Life Aimlessly

  1. Awesome Tweet ❤ Awesome lesson and specially the last two lines of it. *Speechless* !

  2. We’re human *beings*, not human doers… All that suffering is completely optional, and will get you stuck in believing you’re “the doer”. If you want to do something profitable everyday, whenever you feel (at least) a low energy feeling or emotion, you release it and let it go away completely, together with any belief that was supporting it. If you do that every night, it will all have been worthwhile.

    • I would agree to this partially. I agree to the point that we are BEINGs and releasing the guilt every night would definitely be useful but I disagree to the point where my blog was aimed.

      Every one of us has a role to play in this life. Human “beings” as you pointed out. So we need to “Be.” A man watching T.V all day, eating and sleeping without going to work to earn for his family and then every night releasing the guilt is not WORTHWHILE.

      A man drinking, doing drugs, ignoring his family and then by end of the day justifying himself by saying, I am a human being not a doer wouldn’t make it worthwhile. Would it?

      Where this blog was headed, the guilt was actually a source of motivation that you have to get up and fulfill the role you have in your life, fulfill your dreams. Do something and “BE” someone.

      • Mmm… Please correct me if I misunderstood, but I think you meant: that not having that feeling, would leave everything as it was, except for that feeling not being there. In my own experience and knowing, that’s a common misconception, that I also had. Nothing farther from the truth, unless you believe “not having it” equals burying it inside us.

        By releasing the guilt about something we didn’t do, we’ll be free in that particular matter of experience. This will bring whatever gift was hiding behind it, such as realizing we really didn’t had to do that thing at all (it was just a lie we believed), giving us the energy we felt we lacked to do it, the right opportunity, etc.

        There are no negative feelings that will help us by staying with them. They help us when we release them, and they go away hand in hand with their cause, otherwise they’ll remain even if we invite them to go away.

  3. abhinav

    i ll b back…feeling sleepy…

  4. Mohsin

    Hundred of times till now I have been let down,and just felt like choking my self ,as I was a looser but every single time life brought me back with a new hope. I am sill fighting and much more powerful than my first fail.

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