But Nevermind That, Lets Ban Hijaab

They say a Muslim women is oppressed of her rights
She is forced to wear hijaab,
She is forced to wear nakaab
And they only want to protect her rights
So they make a law
A very special one

Let’s Ban The Hijaab

Its ironical if you see
How they enforce a law
In order to protect her freedom of right
But what if she chose the hijaab herself
What if she likes wearing it?
What if it were her own freedom of right?

But nevermind that, lets ban the hijaab

Going on a beach on a sunny day
In a 2 piece bikini is normal and respectful
There is nothing disgusting about that
Today’s women has the rights
To wear what she likes and loves

But nevermind that, lets ban the hijaab

Lady Gaga wearing obnoxious dresses
Sometimes almost nothing at all
Having nudity at their highest level
Displaying it out in public
Well, its a free country, I say
Woman can wear what she feels confident in

But nevermind that, lets ban the hijaab

Β What is this hijaab really
That this Islam talks about?
Something that covers you from head to toe?
If I am not mistaken,
Isn’t that the same dress code
Of your Catholic nuns and sisters?

Let’s Ban The Hijaab

But have you heard of that phrase?

Charity begins at home?


Hey guys,

Since these days, disclaimers have become essentials, here is mine too :).

I intend no offence or disrespect to any person or any religion.

Recently I read an old news about how there were bans on hijaab being imposed in some countries.

For one thing sure, I know that all this fight over religion is on Political levels. Politicians bending and breaking laws and making theories for their own little game play while the common masses don’t really give an *ahem ahem* to religion differences.

So this one is intended on those few rotten potatoes who are poking us with religious fights.

I find it very ironical that they say, “We are protecting their rights.” So they assume muslim women are forced to wear hijaab so in order to give her freedom, they make another law and “ENFORCE” it upon her.

Where is her freedom of choice now? :S :S :S

Frankly, I was never forced to wear hijaab. In fact, I was never forced to do anything. Haha. My parents told me what the right and wrong paths were. They let me chose which path I wanted to walk on. I am a free bird sitting on the net 24/7 with closet full of jeans and hair chopped how so ever I want.

So the idea of an oppressed muslim women only exist in the tribal areas. If you need to see the real muslim women, you gotta open your eyes and look around.

Also, I find it funny that bikini is an appropriate dress and people wearing almost nude dresses in movies and concerts is normal. But the moment a Muslim women is seen in Veil or Hijaab, it becomes a very “Rare Sight” and the very first idea is that she is oppressed and forced to wear it and that she needs help.

C’mon. Gimme a break. Your Lady Gaga needs help. Seriously. We are totally fine on our own. Lol

And lastly, Catholic nuns and sisters have the exact same dress code as muslim women are supposed to have. So why is there never a thought that they may be forced into it or that they are being oppressed?

It really is funny how these Political games are being played around us. They are actually trying to feed our minds with Religion Fights while in reality, there really is no Religion Fight. I have seen friendships irrespective of religion and relations irrespective of religion.

So those who are trying to plant seeds of rivalry in us, GO GET A LIFE.


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Anyway, I would like to apologize in case I offended anyone here.

We are all creations of our God and what name we ascribe to our God, does not make us different.
We still and will always be creations of our God.
All equal to each other.

Thank you for keeping up with my “blah blah blah” πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “But Nevermind That, Lets Ban Hijaab

  1. curvyelvie

    Great post my friend as always. I wanted to let you know that because of post like this you are have been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. Thank you for always being an inspiration for me.

    • Thank you Elvie. I am glad you enjoyed it and love getting the awards πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh. This is actually enlightening. Following your blog now! πŸ™‚


  3. The poem was really nice and the rest of ‘bongiyan’ I didn’t read :p Please try to shorten your post as I’m unable to read all of your ‘material’ :p

    • Thank you for liking the poem although I have become too rustic on my poem skills.

      Anyway, as for the rest of the bongiya. Don’t worry, it was for the more patient readers. But i’l remember to keep my post for the impatient readers only next time.

  4. “WE WILL NOT FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER; BUT WE WILL FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER. ” Great thought Aisha. I hope one day each one of us humans is going to believe in this one.

  5. Girl in veil

    very impressive one ash and i would like to say u really spokeout the most harsh reality of today’s modern world rules. on this topic Dawood Warnsby Ali read a “nasheed”(poem) named “veil” beautifull poem and it is all about hijab and muslim women and how she answers her choice in front of western world.

    • Yes it sure is. In one way they say they want to give us the freedom of rights and in the same way they are actually taking away that right.

  6. Br. Seraphim.

    Thank you, Aisha, very nicely expressed! Glad someone understand about freely wearing the ‘right clothing’ (as I am, too!).

    I just found your website and am enjoying *all* your posts!

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