FINE… I Will Admit To The World… Just Don’t Hurt My Family

Video Game Addict

I, Aisha aka crazy-weird-psycho-clumsy-arrogant-obnoxious-silly-goofy-strange-paranormal ( you name it), in absolutely all my consciousness, hereby would like to make a declaration which has been withheld with me for a very long while.

It is with utmost courage that I take this step of accepting and admitting one of my deepest crimes. I fully understand the consequences that will follow my decision. No one has forced me to do so. It is my own free will and  hence no one but I, alone shall be responsible for the outcome that stands right in front of me.

Today, I declare that I am a “ROOM ESCAPE GAME” addict.

No people, don’t go into a shock denial.

I am. I really am. You just have got to accept this truth.

Room Escape Games are like an addiction to me and I love playing them. They may be my second love. First love …. ummm let’s not discuss that right now, shall we? 😛

So escape games are the ones where you find yourself locked up in a room and you may not remember how you got there or may be a faint memory. You got to look around, find things and make the escape.

These games may be silly and stupid because you have to go around clicking everywhere and anywhere and try using or combining different stuff to make the escape. But you see that’s the very point of the game where no matter how many clicks you make, there will be that one single spot that you missed and you feel stuck.

Sometimes the game will have a logic but mostly the stuff you do are illogical.

Some games are easy and make you escape easily some will be difficult (not because they are difficult, but because you need to find exact stuff to make things happen).

I will also admit that sometimes these escape games are so insane that I need to use hints from a walkthrough to make the escape. If you haven’t played them, go ahead and try playing a few good ones.

Pretty childish eh?

So what!!!!!!??????

Who cares anyway?

This life is too short to be lived upon logics and worry. I might as well spend it playing escape games. At least, I would come alive out of it unlike life where no one comes out alive. Haha.

That’s all in my declaration.

Signs off

*There I said what you asked me to say..Are you happy??? Now let my family go.*

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2 thoughts on “FINE… I Will Admit To The World… Just Don’t Hurt My Family

  1. All the ‘nick names’ are also given to me :p P.S the avatar of the post is simply adorable !

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