For A Change, Why Don’t You Behave Like A Girl?

Gadgets Lover

Today was yet another one of those lucky days where I accidentally happen to clean the area where I spend almost my entire awake time.

I live in a mountain side area so my house is always full of dust. To top it off, I don’t really like to have my stuff touched by any other person. When I crumble and throw a paper on my table, I want it to be there until forever. I definitely don’t want someone to throw it in the dustbin (you never know when I may need that trash paper 🙂 )

So when our housekeeper comes for cleaning, My desk is sealed off with the police note “RESTRICTED AREA.”

Which explains why my desk is always and forever full of dust, there are papers everywhere, empty wrappers of things I ate, food crumbs on the table and in my keyboard too.

Today, I did all the dusting and cleaning and found out that my Laptop is actually white in color. It was the dust making it look black. Haha.

Awe my poor hubby. You had to be in dust for so long. But I really love you okay. Never forget that 🙂 .


Anyway, so I also found that my laptop adapter was half plugged in.

( I am assuming that’s the reason my laptop crashed twice altho it makes no connection as it is related to charging of the laptop. So if it was creating any problem, it should only have messed with the charging. But nevermind that. I am a girl 😛 I can make stupid logics lol).


You said, “That’s so typical of girls.”

But that’s not true. Not all girls are into fashion and everything. There are some crazier ones too who love to go out in with out-of-bed hair and without even having washed the face. (pppffftttt what made you think that. lol)

I love doing things that you may consider as “Not our type.”

For instance I love love love my gadgets and tools as much as vampires would love blood, a girl would love her stilettos, a boy would love his candy and if that’s not enough to give you the idea, as much as a mother would love her children :).

I absolutely love Cars that go with the wind.

So guys, if you are sitting in one of those top speed sexy looking cars and I have my eyes locked on you. Well, booooooooooo you ‘coz I ain’t checking you out. I em checking out your car, the accessories you have put on it and even the exhaust pipes and wheel caps.

I also have an unexplained love for Drill machines. Yup you heard (read actually) that right. I don’t know what’s about those drill machines that make me so attracted to it. I guess sometimes love is simply nameless and unexplained.

Then there is love for Hammers. They are really so adorable. When I go to the tools section, I pick up the best hammer and hold it in my hand. The curves fit so perfectly that it is love at first sight.

The tools section in a mall for me is like heaven on earth. So many things all around with not enough time to look at all of them at once. That’s so unfair.

Driving a huge tractor or handling a crane is my dream.  So they too come in my love passion list.

I get excited when something breaks down in the house because it gives me a chance to get my tools and fiddle with it. Sometimes I can fix em up, sometimes I just have to throw them out.

Sometimes, when any gadget malfunctions, I simply happen to tell the cause of it (without even knowing it :S :S :S) and most of the times, I am correct. HAHA. ( sheer coincidental intelligence?).


So guys if you ever get a chance to know the “real” us, you will find us much more than clothes, sandals and makeup 🙂 We love action and horror movies probably the ones with lots of murder and fights in it.

We just pretend to be scared while watching it so we can take a moment and grab you by your arms and then you can coax us with your strong hold 😛 😛 :P. We have a healthy appetite and would have a large double cheese chicken burger even if our mouth ain’t that big enough for it and we definitely like to BURP OUT LOUD 😛

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4 thoughts on “For A Change, Why Don’t You Behave Like A Girl?

  1. It was a really nice post Aisha. And yes, I was about to said “That’s so typical of girls.” but the I read the next line ad remained silent. 🙂 and let me tell you, I also love Cars that go with the wind. When I was child, my aim in life was to be a driver so that I could drive all through me life. It was a really nice post. Great post Aisha. I like this one a lot. 🙂

    • Thank you Arindam ( I have so much difficulty pronouncing that name in my head :()

      I think top Speed cars are like everyone’s passionate love. Imagine sitting on the black leather seat of a Turbo 911, loud music and driving on a long long long road. Man that would be so awesome. I would never come out of that state.

      I hope our dreams come true (at least this one lol)

  2. LOL Aisha! You’re silly as me! 😛 😛
    I am so worried cos as I open this post.. its a long post from you…BUT no… I enjoyed your humor girl! Ahahahaha

  3. Nice posting Aisha, haha well i enjoyed reading your piece. keep on posting

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