Return Me Those Times

Lost Childhood

Return me those times

Where having fake doll friends
Was the best friendship ever
Who never deceived or cheated me
Like real human friends

Where dancing to the rain
Was a source of happiness
And not the only way
To cry under the open sky

Where happiness was genuine
And it was not pretended
Where tears were shared
And not hid under the pillow

Where every night I slept
Peacefully upon my mother’s lap
Her hand upon my head
And with the sound of her lullaby

Where life was so much better
Literally so much better
When just the toys broke
And not the hearts

Where wearing a new dress
And having matching shoes
Could give you unmatched
True joy and happiness

Where “waiting” was
Simply for a bar of chocolate
And not waiting for rain
In the middle of a drought

Where “being alone” was only when
Mom and Dad went out at night
And not being alone
Even in middle of a crowd

Where “awake” at night was
When I had to finish up a novel
And not stay awake
Because my sleeping pills are over

Return me those times,
When I was alive
Really alive

– Aisha

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5 thoughts on “Return Me Those Times

  1. Nice work Aisha! Love the thoughts!

    • Thank you so much. Just been thinking how wonderful childhood really is. If I only knew it at that time, I would have enjoyed every moment of it.

  2. Epiphany Art

    Nominated you for an award, check this out for more info:

  3. Every thing needs to go no matter how dear it is !

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