No New Blogs… Too Busy A Bee

** Please imagine a picture here with black background that says “BUSY” in white fonts. I am just too busy and lazy to upload one. And besides I trust your imagination 🙂 **

Not that you all are like waiting desperately for me to write a new blog ( aaah I wish…*sigh* lol), but I have been very busy lately. So that comes to the grand question of where exactly em I busy?

Well, I am busy exploring myself, the apparent world around me and the wonders of both.

As many of you have read my blogs on Mind Power ( I have a separate page in the menu bar) and then there are a lot of blogs coming under “Journey Inside Me” category, I am learning a whole new world that we live in. A world that we see but see not.

Did you know that the world you are living in is not even real. Haha yes. The world you see is a projection of your mind. Your mind is simultaneously creating it and living it while the world as a whole is a projection of God’s mind. So basically we are all just living in an unreal world. 

Which totally proves the point : what you think is what you get. So if you have a life you don’t like, you can change it, if you will.

Anyway so I am busy calling receptionists of different workshops, lectures and courses being provided in this regard for timings, appointments, registration ( Never knew simple calling would be so hectic :S :S :S).

My recent course was 4 levels similar course to Reiki. It is Healing Through Energy and is said to be more powerful than Reiki. The classes itself are long which include 3 hours travelling from and to home so basically I am away from house for like 10 hours.

By the time I am home, I am so exhausted that I just need to sleep but then there is online work which needs to be looked after because it ain’t going to look after itself.

Now I am going to learn advance levels of the same course InshaAllah so the busy bee race is still on.

But in the mean while, whenever I find time, I will continue proceeding with my project blogs on Mind Power and how you can live a wonderful life using the unseen power of your mind.

Thats All Folks 🙂

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One thought on “No New Blogs… Too Busy A Bee

  1. Well done. Take your time, Aisha!

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